Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Making Patio Furniture as Good as New

Patio furniture is a very effective way to give any patio area a look of luxury and relaxation.  Furniture pieces for this part of the house are required to be durable, functional, and yet elegant, to give the space an air of comfort and relaxation.  But with these characteristics, an owner should also know that pieces like these do not really come at an affordable price.  This kind of furniture should be considered as investments, as they can really serve well for as long as they are handled and taken cared of properly.  So, how does an owner take proper care of these luxurious furniture pieces?

Furniture like this should be washed at least once every month with mild detergent and water solution.  Clear water must be used in rinsing the soap off and the furniture must be dried thoroughly. They must not be left soak in the soap solution and not left to dry as well.  If there are metal frames in some of the pieces, these parts must be cleaned with an application of colorless automobile wax.  With this, the metal will be protected from the elements.   This maintenance can be performed once every three months if they are in a place with low pollution levels. Otherwise, placing patio furniture covers over the pieces during daytime or when the patio is not in use would be ideal, so that dust and dirt would not be given the chance to stick and accumulate in their surfaces.

Some patio furniture can also be made out of woven material.  This material makes the furniture durable and weatherproof.  Most elements that may dirty these pieces are soil and other stains people who use them may leave in them.  A mild solution of water and detergent can be used to clean these.  This furniture must be dried thoroughly.   These pieces may also be dirtied by mildew.  If this or other heavy stains are present in the furniture, a commercial grade cleaner made especially for outdoor furniture should be used.   

Owners should also beware of what kind of climate they will subject the furniture to.  Teak and woven patio furniture is ideal for tropical climates, while heavy wooden furniture would be more ideal for patios in homes standing in areas with temperate weather.  It is essential though for furniture to be cleaned and maintained regularly and not just be left to wear and tear, as this condition shows and will really make the furniture look unkempt.

Now, if home owners do not have the time or fear that they may damage the furniture pieces if they clean with improperly or using harsh materials, they can always hire expert cleaners to have the pieces maintained on their behalf. Otherwise, practical homeowners can count on patio furniture covers to protect these pieces from the elements, without having to worry if cleaning these pieces would harm them. These covers may be used when the patio is too hot in the summers or too cold in the winters.