Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ingredients to Great Golf

People seem to think that to be a great golf player, you have to invest in the aesthetics of the game – top notch shoes, branded golf clubs, and a spotless golf cart cover to protect your golf cart. While it is true that these are definitely “important” facets to enhancing your game, you also need to be more conscious of two things: your golf swing and a support system, or more specifically, a caddy.

Image source: World Golf
Exercising control rather than losing restraint is better for a swing.
Most players, especially beginners, think that it is always better to exert more effort and give a swing more energy rather than holding back. The truth is, knowing how much force to put in a swing is better than going all the way and losing control, which usually ends up with balls landing on sand and water traps. A controlled and smooth swing is always better than an over-the-top one.

Of course, skills like having a great swing can be further improved with advice from veterans and experts. An outsider's opinion is always valuable not just to learn from their expertise, but also because they may give input on how a swing could be improved. A player can ask an instructor to look into his or her swing so that observations on what is done correctly and areas for improvement can be brought up.

Speaking of which, a caddy would be very beneficial as your main support system when in the course. Aside from taking care of everything from your golf cart cover to your clubs, he or she should also know how to advise you on your game. Here are some tips on finding a great caddy:

The caddy should be ready with all the equipment all the time.
Someone running helter-skelter to fetch whatever the golfer needs only when the time comes when they are needed is someone you must avoid. At a moment's notice, the caddy should be able to provide balls and tees without having to scramble a golf bag, because he already has them in his pocket. Of course, the caddy should be ready with an umbrella, a towel and some water for the golfer's comfort. In other words, the caddy should be at least twoo steps ahead in thinking of the golfer's needs.

The caddy should of course reach the tee ahead of the golfer.
The caddy should hold the bag in such a way that the golfer could choose a club and get it out of the bag without any difficulty. With a longer relationship, a caddy may already establish a deeper comfort level with the golfer, gibing him the chance to know the golfer better and perhaps fork out a club as a recommendation instead of letting the golfer choose. Of course, it goes without saying that the caddy should hand the tee and the ball to the golfer and not let the golfer be handed the bag for him or her to get the tee and ball by himself or herself.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Way to Playing Great Golf: Confidence

People who play golf say that playing the sport is actually more mental than physical.  With this thought, people ask what facet of one’s psyche is the most important so that you can play golf better and that the same time not taking out the fun and excitement of it.  Some people say that the most important factor is practice and repetition is the key to success.  Yet, anyone could attest that too much repetition can lead to boredom, with you getting that golf cart cover out of storage and your clubs back in the garage. Some think that to play golf well, an extra dose of patience is needed.  Whole it is true that this sport needs a patient player, it cannot really be the most attribute.  Some people, meanwhile, think that having the best equipment is the magic trick to enjoying the game.  Yet, you can’t really enjoy this equipment if you don’t have the skill, right?

Image source: Toxel
All the factors mentioned above certainly have their place in the topic of playing golf.  However, the most important factor that will allow a golf player to really showcase his or her skills and at the same time have as much fun as possible is having confidence.  Being confident in playing golf, such like in other skill, is of utmost importance.  How you feel about your skill and the sport will definitely carry over to the quality of your game, as well as the level of enjoyment you are getting from the sport.  When you are more aware and happy of yourself and your skills, this ultimately translates to an increase of your score and your happiness in all aspects of your life. Your investment in the best clubs and accessories like a golf cart cover will be worth it.

When you are confident of yourself, this should lead to your confidence in your performance.  You will notice a surer stance when you do swings, a belief that your decisions when figuring out angles, and your power when driving is becoming stable.  There is no place for hesitation in golf.  One degree of your position being askew, a moment’s uncertainty on how to position your arms, being unsure on what club to use will add up and ruin your game.  Little confidence in your performance will really equal to a dismal performance.  Dismal performances never left anyone happy, right?  If you think you can do well, believe me, it will show in your swings and your putts.      

A key to building confidence is realizing a main point in golf: the element of time.  You have to know that golf does not define your existence.  Being too consumed in the sport will not make your happy.  Spending years with the sport will let your enjoy and be happy, not getting all your energies in golf for one month or one year.  Remember that like all the best things in life take time and work.  Enjoy the journey of golf, learn as much as you can, build your confidence through the process, and realize that you have already reached the destination through this journey.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Putt to the Top

Of course, as in any sport or physical activity, some facts on golf cannot be denied. Aside from protecting your golf cart with a golf cart cover, one of these universal rules is that a golfer should know how to putt well. Contrary to popular notion, the sport of golf is not just dependent on people who know how to swing and have the most powerful drives. Putting is an essential ingredient to the game, and is in fact the cause for scores in golf.

Image source: Golfeneur
Especially for amateurs, putting would account for close to 50% of all strokes of a golfer. More efficient putting improves a golfer's overall performance, and a lower number of puts can result to as many as an improvement of four shots in a golf score. But then, when avid golfers are hunted down, a majority of them use theirgolf cart covers as they are not in golf courses, but are in driving ranges to improve their swings rather than enhance their putting skills.

A golfer neglecting to improve on his or her putting skills does spell a difference between a golfer who is good and a golfer who wins with low scores. Here are some techniques in better putting:

  • Know proper putter alignment.

A golfer should know where the "sweet spot" of the putter blade is, so that he or she can align it along the target line. A majority of golfers, particularly beginners (actually, it is recommended for learners) have a target line reflected on the putter blade's top or on the flange, which is located at the blade's back. The golfer should place the line of the putter aligned to the ball's dead center and straight through within the target line. This is the position where the golfer would want the blade to strike the ball.
  • Where should the line of vision be?

When a golfer is already in a putting stance, he or she does not have to look down with his vision aligned to the ball. Golf experts and pros recommend that the golfer's look should be two inches forward from the line of vision straight down, as the ball should actually be placed two inches north of the center in the golfer's stance. This distance gives the golfer a better view of not just the ball, but the target line as well.

  • Choosing the best putter style is a must.

Putters come in various styles, and the style of the putter used ultimately affects a golfer's stroke. For example, a putter with a simple bland and a hosel in the lower heel portion of the blade lends a slight arc to a putt. The key to success in this is for the golfer to know the quirks of each putter style and how to adapt them in his or her favor. This will take a lot of observation and practice with each putter style.

Force of the putter is important in perfecting a putt as well. In the end, it is one of those more obvious but often ignored golf facts that by putting effort in improving one's putting skills, improved scores can also be experienced.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dealing With Moldy Reality of Golf Cart Covers

Have you been using your golf cart cover foryour vehicle that has been left in the garage the entire winter? Now that the polar vortex might finally be over, you may revisit your golf cart only to smell something musty and see black sports on your cover. Don’t panic, but that may be molds.

Image source: eHow
A majority of surfaces that is susceptible to moisture will surely attract the growth of molds. And those molds don’t hesitate to grow on surfaces that, after being exposed to moisture, have not gotten enough sunlight or space to “air out.”  They are not only gross and aesthetically unpleasing, but some varieties of it can actually cause health concerns because they are poisonous. Mere exposure to a number of black molds like Memnoniella and Stachybotrys can cause serious health problems since they can be breathed in. 

Unfortunately, a lot of buildings and residences that have been abandoned or kept unclean for a long time can be breeding ground for molds, and not a lot of people know which are dangerous and which can be cleaned by unprotected individuals without problems.

The question is, do homeowners and/or golf cart owners need the services of a professional cleaning firm when dealing with this seemingly dangerous problem? The thing is, for mild cases of black molds, a simple DIY solution can be employed with industrial strength disinfectant or bleach. But then, the question is, who among common people can distinguish between molds that are not that dangerous and those that are toxic and can cause health problems? This responsibility can be better assumed by companies that offer janitorial services.

If the black mold has been proven to be toxic, then it would be more advisable to let experts like a professional cleaning company to take care of cleaning molded areas. At least, if homeowners or golf cart owners are not that keen or hiring a professional cleaner just yet, they can send a sample of the mold to a laboratory to check if it is toxic or not. If the sample reveals negative toxicity levels, the homeowner can conduct a DIY removal procedure.  It is also advisable for materials that are infested with black mold, whether toxic or not, to be carefully removed and disposed in thick and heavy-duty plastic bags.  This is because even though these black molds may not be toxic, they still pose a health risk.