Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Golf: More Than 18 Holes

If there is one sport that is always misunderstood, it has to be golf. For the longest time, people have poked fun at this beautiful game. There are those who laugh at it to the point of not considering it a sport as it does not require a huge amount of athletic skills. By the same token, there are people who make fun of it because it is such a difficult sport to master.

But it doesn't take a seasoned player to appreciate the beauty of the sport. If you're  just  starting out, we suggest you hang on to your clubs, shoes, caps, golf cart, golf cart cover, all the things that allow you to play the game. Won't take long to reap the rewards, that's for sure.

Good stress-reliever

For most, if not all, golfers, the golf course is a great escape. With the lush greens and the calm surroundings, no one will ever argue. To some it is therapeutic. Another thing: in golf, you can actually play on the very same spot where the pros play!

Lessons to be learned

Cheesy as it may sound, golf teaches a thing or two about life. It is quite a humbling sport, and witnessing someone progress is something special. Anything you draw inspiration from is a good thing. In golf, you inspire and get inspired.

Good for everyone

Everyone can actually relate to it. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, if you take time to understand this beautiful sport, you will learn why people stick to it. They say golf enthusiasts are a passionate bunch, and this is simply true. It is also a good activity for the family and friends. If you're friends in golf, you are friends for a lifetime.

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A career in golf won't hurt

If you have made a career built around the sport, good for you! The last thing you will ever worry about is jealous people.

Golf's got heart

Hate to brag but the PGA donates to charity, perhaps more than any sport in the world.

Golf is such a unique sport. If you are a player or has ever tried playing, thanks for appreciating this article. If not, then stay jealous.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gloves or No Gloves?

The gloves are an essential gear in a golfer’s possession, and almost every professional golfer you ask would advise for the use of gloves. It is just as important as owning clubs, golf shoes, golf cart, golf cart cover, and all the other necessities.

Still, there are people who prefer to play without them.

One such rarity is newly-inducted World Golf Hall of Famer Fred Couples who maintains that with gloves, the feel he has on the club is reduced. Another noted golfer who favors his bare hands when swinging is 2009 US Open winner Lucas Glover. Yes, how about throwing the irony.

Normally, a golfer wears one on his left hand if he is right-handed and on his right hand if he is left-handed. There are a few who wear gloves on both hands, especially returning players who have developed soft hands from lack of golf time. Just as rare are those who don’t wear gloves at all.  

People have different reasons for not wearing gloves. Some agree with Couples, while others go the purist route of saying that wearing gloves weakens their connection with the sport. It’s a matter of choice, you say. But really, gloves are important because they not only protect the hands from the elements, they also allow for a better grip, especially during hot and humid days when your hands get sweaty. They are much like what a golf cart cover is to a golf cart.

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If you try to compensate for the slippage by gripping too tightly, it removes a considerable amount of control, hence removing power. Gloves also prevent excessive blistering in the hands with constant friction.

One problem, especially with the cheaper ones, is that they easily wear out. They easily loosen with constant use. To make them last longer, it is best to let your gloves dry after a good round of play. Don’t dry them on direct sunlight though, as it will make them deform fast.

When choosing the right gloves, look for the one that gives you the best comfort, considering feel and ventilation. The better brands have a softer feel and ample ventilation between the fingers.

Golf is a precision sport, and having a secure grip can never be overstated.