Thursday, June 26, 2014

Golf Carts Don't Have to be in Golf Courses All the Time

As mentioned in an earlier post, golf carts are recreational vehicles that players use on the golf course. However, if you are planning to use them for work, such as in construction sites, farms, and ranches, you might want to invest in a more durable utility golf cart. They are priced comparably to regular gas-powered carts but they can be ordered with a hauling bed and gate. A trailer hitch can also accompany the vehicle if you want to pull a small trailer with it.

A golf cart with a hitch

When it comes to accessories and additional features, there are several extras that you can choose to have with your golf cart. A windshield, dashboard, and golf cart cover are just some of the extras you can purchase with your vehicle. A golf cart cover can easily protect your vehicle from the rain, snow, and other harmful elements. Some even opt to have headlights and brake lights for their golf carts.

A  golf cart with a windshield

A golf cart with all the lighting bells and whistles

It is fairly easy to buy a golf cart but proper research is important if you don’t want to end up thousands of dollars on a golf cart that you cannot use. Once you’ve chosen the perfect vehicle for you, don’t forget to buy a golf cart cover to make sure that your cart is protected at all times.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keep Your House Safe for Kids

Every child is a testament to the wonderful gift of life – even if at times you feel like covering them with patio furniture covers even just for a couple of minutes to take the crazy world to a halt. Kidding!

It is really amazing to look at their tiny hands and feet in their first few weeks. Parents, especially mothers, would often be puzzled at how that wonderful creature grew within her for the past nine months. As children grow, they never fail to amaze and bring wonderful surprises to the family.

Photo Credit: Love To Know Kids

But behind these surreal moments are manic ones in between. Children, especially toddlers, can be quite a handful to handle at home. Endless running and shouting all over the place can definitely turn any household upside down. And it’s pretty rare for children to cause havoc without getting a couple of bruises or scars along the way.

Allowing children to explore the great outdoors is said to be one of the most effective ways of letting them learn not only about the environment, but about life in general. Don’t let safety issues get in the way of your child’s education. We’ve compiled the most practical practices that you can easily integrate in the upkeep of your backyard to encourage your children to play.

1. Define spaces

Separating the lounge from the play area can help in keeping your children safe outdoors. Defining spaces allows kids to develop a sense of familiarity with and belongingness to their specified area. Placing the play area far from the pool or the barbeque area can help ensure safety. Fences are also recommended to keep children within the vicinity of your home.

2. Be a barber

You don’t have to cut your child’s hair. All you have to do is trim the grass in your backyard. Tall grasses are very inviting to snakes and other animals that could cause harm to your kids. If you are too busy to take care of this chore, you may hire the kid next door. Turning this activity into a family affair is another creative way to promote family time.

3. Pick furniture pieces wisely

Anything with a sharp edge is a no-no. Rounded tables and sofas are better choices for outdoor furniture over their more angular and boney counterparts. Another thing that you have to consider is the material used for the furniture. Make sure avoid anything that has chemicals and can be broken. Also choose pieces that are easy to clean since kids can really make a lot of mess.

4. Cover ‘em up

Using patio furniture covers really help in keeping your furniture safe from dust and bacteria build up that can trigger allergies. Pool covers on the other hand ensure that no one falls inside the pool unintentionally. These covers are usually made with sturdy materials that can withstand changes in weather.

Let your kids play under the sun while they are young. These moments help them learn about their surroundings that lead to a better understanding of life. Treating kids as fragile individuals at all times can cripple their growth.  Let them be what they really are – innocent and carefree. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Clean Your Golf Cart Right

By now, you already know why it is important to have golf cart covers for your golf cart. Golf cart covers are probably one of the reasons why your golf cart is still around today. If not for golf cart enclosures, debris and harsh weather changes would have probably already damaged your investment. Now that you have already invested in golf cart covers, it is your goal to make sure that they last for as long as they could. This means cleaning them regularly to prevent debris build up and keep them dirt free. With soap and water, here’s how you can do it.


If you have a bucket, that’s great. A water hose with sprayer? Even better. The first step in cleaning golf cart covers is to hose the windows and enclosures with water. Use enough pressure from the water hose to loosen up the dust and dirt kept within the small walls of the windows and enclosures.

Drop a tablespoon of dishwashing soap or automotive car wash on the bucket of water and shake it from side to side to mix and agitate it.

Using a soft non-abrasive cloth, dip it into the soap mixture and gently wipe the vinyl windows and enclosures of your golf cart cover. You have to do it gently so that the wiping does not produce any scratch or marks on the cover.

Once you are finished wiping the cover with the soap-soaked cloth, spray the areas again with water to finally wash away all the remaining dirt, dust, and soap. Do these four times to flush all unnecessary elements that could damage the golf cart covers then dry using a non-abrasive cloth.

Mix a concoction of 3 tbsp. of white vinegar and 2 tbsp. of cold water in a bucket and soak four paper towels in it. Once dry, use the towels to wipe the windows and enclosures to remove any streaks.

Harsh detergents and cleaning agents should not be used to clean golf cart covers. They can ruin your covers, instead of protecting it to make it last longer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get Fit With a Bike This Summer

Obesity, heart failure, unfit to work, abnormal breathing and mental disorder.  These are just some of the many sicknesses that are plaguing the world today.  How do you battle such disease without spending a huge amount of money?  We are living in a world where health is wealth.  Question is, what side are you in right now?  Are you in the healthy side or you’re one of the unfit ones?  You have to start now or suffer the consequences later. 
Cycling or biking has been in our history since the 1800s.  The term biking was coined in France during 1860.  Having two wheels attached to a frame, this great invention is now in an estimated number of about one billion worldwide and is considered the most used means of transportation in many countries. 

Statistics show that people who use these two-wheeled bikes gain a life expectancy of 3-14 months compared to those who drive their cars.  This study was conducted in Netherlands.  This study also stated that biking has a favorable effect to the total population due to the reduction of air pollution.

Below are 5 Health benefits derived from biking/cycling:


1.     Heart.
     Decreased risk of coronary disorder and improved cardiovascular aptness.

2.     Weight Loss.
      Increased action means increased metabolism.  A 20 minute cardiovascular exercise can burn at least 160 calories.

3.     Lifespan.
     Again, improved cardio can mean increased longevity.

4.     Environment.
     Pollution will be reduced once you start biking.  Instead of driving your car to work for 20 minutes and getting stuck in traffic for 20 minutes, why not take a bike and help the environment?  Decreased pollution means a decrease in lung problems not only for the cyclist, but also for other people in the society.

5.    Mental Alertness.  
     When you’re on the road, you become more responsive and aware of your surroundings.  And because most of your muscles are moving, it helps in stimulating your mental alertness.  Exercise such as biking, releases a chemical in your brain that helps you to be more alert.

While it is important that we exercise, we also need to protect our investment.  Storing our bikes in a secured place and covering it with a bike cover will lengthen the life of your bikes. also supplies golf cart covers, car covers and other types of protective covers for your prized possessions. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Things to Consider in Patio Furniture

Starting a restaurant business can be a challenge. After setting up the location, t is time to go for some furniture shopping.  Usually, the interior of the place is given a lot of importance when choosing which furniture to purchase. But then, this should not be the case if the restaurant that will be opened has an outdoor patio for al fresco dining.  One must also take a considerable amount of time and effort in choosing the best patio furniture that can be used for the business.  Getting the best items and furniture will surely not come cheap. But then, thinking of it as an investment will mean more money saved in the long run.


There are many companies that offer patio furniture, which can be used to the business’ best advantage.  It is best to shop around first before deciding on the color, as well as the kind and type of furniture to be purchased.  Going around shopping with an interior designer is the best way to go.  He or she will be able to help choose what best goes with the theme of the place. It would also be good to add patio furniture covers to the list of things to buy.

Choosing the Furniture

Of course, before shopping for patio furniture, it is best to learn how to choose one first.  There are several aspects that must be checked before signing that order slip and giving the charge card.  First, the durability of the item must be looked into.  There are reviews online for materials that are commonly used for the manufacturing of the furniture that can be used as a reference before making the purchase.  It must be made sure that the pieces are truly built for outdoors, since they will be exposed to the elements day in and day out.

The next thing to consider will be the cost.  Being in the business, cost is always given importance, as it will add up to overhead expenses, which can affect the venture’s overall income.  Check on the prices of the items first before making that big purchase when looking for patio furniture.  However, being cheap does not mean saving money all the time because the durability of the item may be questionable.  There must be a balance between the price and the durability of the item.  Paying a little extra in the beginning may help save money in the future, as the item will last longer than the cheaper ones.

Materials Available


The next thing to consider when choosing commercial patio furniture is the kind of material it is made. Since the furniture is to be placed outside of the restaurant for long periods of time and therefore exposed to the elements, make sure that it will be able to withstand the elements.  Check if the material is an all-weather kind so that there would be no need to worry when it rains or when the temperature outside is soaring.  This is where the patio furniture covers come in, as they will help add another layer of protection to the furniture.

Natural rattan and synthetic rattan are one of the more preferred materials for commercial patio furniture.  Aluminum and vinyl straps are also one of the more well-known and well-used patio furniture especially for restaurants because of their durability and easy maintenance.  Whatever patio furniture and cover is chosen for the restaurant, for sure the guests will appreciate the place, as dining al fresco is a truly relaxing dining experience.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Material Matters in Golf Cart Covers

Previously, we taught you a few tips on how to shop for golf cart covers. The material, ease of access, and portability of golf cart covers are very important when you plan on investing in them since these are just the few things that should check first before buying one. As we finish this two-part series on a quick guide to shopping for golf cart covers, find out what else you need to know before swiping your credit cards or handing out those bills to the cashier.


First off, you should know that golf cart covers not only protect your vehicle but safeguard you, the owner, as well. Golf cart covers can shield both the driver and the passengers from flying golf balls, if you happen to pass through players currently swinging their clubs as you drive along.

Additionally, with golf cart covers, you can still play the sport despite the bad weather. Of course, not everyone would be crazy to go out on a rainy or snowy day but for those who are hardcore golf players, bad weather won’t be enough to tear them away from the golf course. Golf cart covers can offer you protection once rain or snow arrives, making it easy to hide under the covers. Once the weather clears, you can just as easily tuck the golf cart covers in its bag until the next time you use it.


When buying a golf cart cover, make sure to buy one that has a clear plastic so as not to obstruct your vision. Imagine how difficult it will be if you have a hard time driving because of cloudy plastics that block your view. Finally, choose golf cart covers that have air vents, manufactured from UV resistant fabrics, won’t sink or stretch, and is mildew resistant.

This sums up our two-part series on shopping for golf cart covers. If you are an avid golf player, you would know how important it is to protect your investments. Buying covers for your golf cart is worth every dime since it will extend the life of your vehicle, allowing you to save more money in the long run.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Get the Right Patio Furniture Covers

With the summer in full bloom, it is certainly the best time to be out and about. Lounging outdoors is also a great way to feel the laid-back summer vibe. However, having a comfortable area to experience the great outdoors is a different story.

Spacious backyards often come as a luxury. Though many see this added space as an option, it is one thing that will always be good to have when you purchase a home. Having a personal space which you can customize to become a wonderland or your mini-vacation spot can become your instant relief from daily stress.

If the thought of creating your very own outdoor sanctuary got you all hyped up, better calm down. Take your time to think make plans and think things through to be able to create and execute the best plan.

Before hitting the stores to scout for furniture pieces, read our list of useful tips and tricks that will surely help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Image source: The Jewel Box Home Blog

Feel the weather
Every part of the globe definitely has a unique weather pattern. Get acquainted with how the weather changes in your area and get a good feel of it. Knowing this will greatly help you examine other considerations for the space that you are planning such as the material of any furniture to be used as well as the overall look and feel of the area.

Keep it real – measure your space
You may fall in love with a fabulous sofa, but if it will eat up 90 percent of your outdoor space then you might have to reconsider purchasing it. Putting everything in black and white is the best way to go. Measure the size of your space to really know what you’re working with. This will also be of great help in our next tip.

Visualize and plan
Taking an objective look at your space through measuring is most useful in putting together a layout or design plan. Visualization allows you to create 3D images of not only the type of furniture you hope to find but its actual placement as well. When you’ve captured the vivid images that you want, it’s time to plot them on paper. Drawing boxes, circles, stars or any other shape of your preference would do. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to play this part.

Make comfort non-negotiable
Remember that the main reason why you want to have an outdoor space is to create a sanctuary that’s within your reach. With that said, make sure that you are comfortable with everything you place in the area, from the tables and seats to the paint, rugs and accessories used – they should make you feel relaxed and well, comfortable.

And after all your hard work to bring this outdoor getaway space to life, ensure that you get to keep it that way for the longest time. Formosa covers offer a wide range of quality patio furniture covers that can keep your outdoor investments safe – rain or shine.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get Your Golf Cart Pimped

So you’ve recently purchased a golf cart for yourself and now you want to tweak it so it matches and reflects your personality. What should you do?

A golf cart is a great way to enjoy playing golf because it saves you the time and effort you could otherwise use in playing the game itself. While there are those who think that driving around the golf course with a golf cart and a golf cart cover is a lazy activity, there are actually benefits to driving a vehicle instead of walking around under the heat of the sun.


Now that you have your own golf cart and you want to customize it so people will instantly know that it’s yours, here are some ideas that could help you design your customized golf cart.

Say goodbye to the era of boring golf carts by adding extra features such as CD/DVD players, drink dispensers, or even a set of shiny rims for some attitude. When it comes to the external of your golf cart cover, make a statement by switching to a more fabulous paint job. Stylish patterns or offbeat colors are just a few ideas to upgrade your golf cart to match your personality. Other comfort-related features include a satellite radio, air-conditioning, video game console, and even television.


Now, if you really have the money for it, modify your golf cart by altering the exterior so it would look like a regular car. There are many golf cart shops today that allow you to customize your vehicle according to your preferences and style. If you want to have a luxury car but can’t afford it for now, then maybe a golf cart version would suffice for now. You can choose to modify the exterior paint or body or go the extra mile by upgrading even the parts, shapes, and engine of your golf cart so it will match the car of your dreams.

Remember, with all the upgrades you plan on doing, the best way to protect your investment is by using a golf cart cover. All your money will go to waste if you spend thousands of dollars on customizing your golf cart but fail to protect it against the harsh environment using golf cart covers.