Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Many Uses of a Golf Cart

If you think that golf carts are just for the golf course, then think again. While golf carts are more than useful in the golf course (who wants to walk under all that heat), other venues that can greatly benefit from this type of vehicle are construction sites, campgrounds, and even ranches. Buying a golf cart is relatively easy, if you know what to look for. When buying a golf cart, here are some factors that you need to consider:

Image source: City of Holly Beach
Golf carts are not cheap so before buying one, you should first find out what it is that you need it for. It means deciding if you want to buy a new or a previously-owned vehicle. It also means thinking about whether you want it gas or electric-powered. For golf courses, electric-powered carts are advisable. Those who play in sporting clay competitions prefer to have gas-powered carts because they have more power when it comes to maneuvering in rougher terrains.

A brand new electric-powered golf cart costs around $4000-$5000, whereas a previously-owned vehicle may cost you half the price, around $2000. These are the minimum prices because the more extras you want to add the higher price it will fetch. For gas-powered golf carts, save a minimum of $3500 for previously-owned vehicles and $6000 for brand new carts.

You can easily purchase a new one but a more practical choice is investing in a second-hand but good one. Of course, you can also rent golf carts nowadays for a certain fee. Whatever you choose to purchase, never forget to buy golf cart covers to protect your investment too.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Logic of Using Golf Cart Covers

Take care of your investments and your investments will take care of you. Your cars, trucks, vans, golf carts and other prized possessions didn’t come at a low price.  But it doesn’t matter if it was bought at a high price or at a bargain, what matters is how you take good care of it.  You can preserve your vehicle’s showroom condition if you get a properly fitted, high quality cover.

There are different types of covers for different types of vehicles.  In today’s market, one can find a car cover, golf cart covers, motorcycle covers, truck covers and other vehicle covers.  These covers are essential because they prevent faster deterioration of the vehicle’s paint and interiors such as the dashboard and the seats.  Here are some benefits of using a vehicle cover:

  • Protection from the rays of the sun (paint protection)
  • Protection from insects and unwanted pests which can damage not only the paint but also the interiors and the engine
  • Minimizes possibility of scratches
  • Protection from rust caused by dust and other dirt brought about by winds

Let us take golf carts as an example.   A golf cart is also an investment, in fact it is quite a pricey investment.  One may cost around $7,000 - $8,000 of up to a maximum of $30,000 depending on the brand and the accessories that comes with it.  These golf carts are used in golf courses or other establishments and are usually under the sun all day long.  If not in use, you would see these long vehicles parked under the tree or in a garage.  Without covering it with a high quality golf cart cover the paint may fade or eventually chip.

Golf carts are not necessarily the most affordable investments in playing golf. That's why it makes oerfect sense to invest on accessories like a golf cart cover.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Safety First When Playing Golf

Golf is one sport businessmen and those who just want to relax both play. Business minded players discuss proposals over a game of golf. Courting a new stockholder can also be done in the golf course. Avid golfers even purchase their own golf carts, complete with golf cart covers for protection, to truly enjoy this comforting sport. However, despite golf being a relatively safe game to play outdoors, accidents are not uncommon in the golf course.

Image source: Desktopedia
The swinging of metal clubs, the harsh rays of the sun, and careless golf cart drivers are just some of the situations that could easily endanger you in the golf course. To play the game safely, here are some guidelines that you can follow.

• Once it is your turn to swing a golf club, make sure that all other players are in a safe distance away from you. You do not want the game to quickly end because you accidentally hit one of your pals and rush him to the hospital, don’t you? The most important thing to remember is to never swing a golf club if another person is next to you.

• On the other hand, if you are the one waiting for your turn and another player is about to take a swing, be alert enough to stay out of reach to prevent him from hitting you, not that we are saying that he is going to hit you. This is also important if venture into an adjoining fairway to retrieve or play an errant shot.

• “Fore!” is such an important word in golf. If you think other people might get hit by an errant golf ball, then shout it as loud as you can so they can be forewarned. If you are on the receiving end of the warning, then cover up. Crouch behind your golf bag if you must. Never crane your neck to look where the ball will land. If you don’t know it yet, “Fore” is an international warning in golf.

These are just the basic guidelines to enjoy a safe game of golf. Don’t forget, if you really are an avid player, purchase the right accessories and equipment to truly enjoy the game. This means having your own set of golf clubs, golf cart, and golf cart covers for protection.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Educate Yourself About the Different Kinds of Golf Cart Covers

Golf cart covers protect your investment. They aren’t expensive so buying more than one should be okay. It’s always best to have a spare golf cart cover for emergencies. Buying golf cart covers can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers, since there are so many varieties being sold in the market today. Online stores make it even more complicated as they offer enclosures of different types that can confuse even avid golf players themselves. This should be enough to orient you on the many golf cart covers sold today.

A 3-sided golf cart enclosure is the most basic golf cart cover. This type of cover is designed for golf carts that have windshields already. The three sides cover the back, the driver, and the passenger’s seat so there is more protection from outside elements and incoming golf balls. Driving through a golf course is not as easy-breezy as it seems, you know.

4-sided golf cart covers, on the other hand, are specifically made for golf carts without windshields. All four sides are safely guarded against external elements. However, even golf carts with windshields can still have 4-sided golf cart covers as protection against golf balls and debris. 4-sided golf cart covers are available both for golf carts with and without windshields.

A universal golf cart cover can either be 3-sided or 4-sided. The only thing differentiating one from the other is the size. Another feature to check is whether the universal golf cart cover is for 2 or 4 passengers, or even more. Universal golf cart covers have different means of attachment. Some can be attached to the vehicle by snapping it onto the perimeter of the cart top while others simply fit over the top of the golf cart.

Golf cart bug screen covers are enclosures commonly made of mesh. Passengers can easily outside without worrying about bugs and other insects as the mesh material keeps them out of the vehicle. Air circulation and shade also two of the benefits one can get from this type of golf cart cover.

Another type of golf cart cover has zippers or hinged doors. These are golf cart cover doors, which make entering and exiting the vehicle easier. The doors are kept closed or open using Velcro or clips. Finally, golf cart storage covers are perfect for vehicles that are seldom used or need to be stored for long periods of time.

Ultimately, choosing the right kind of golf cart cover depends on the frequency you use it and the type of vehicle you have.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Improving Your Golf Skills on the Driving Range

When people go to the driving range, the most that they do is practice their golf skills by leaving their golf cart covers behind, going to the driving range, and blasting away their drivers.  Although this may be a good idea, as you can definitely work on your driving in the range, there are still other things that you can do in the driving range.  Aside from practicing your drive, there are other techniques that you can utilize so that your time in the driving range can be maximized.  Try the tips below in your succeeding driving range sessions.

·    Identify what your weakness is and resolve to practice on improving yourself of that aspect. 
A lot of players go to the driving range and just mindlessly go there to socialize rather than to improve their game.  Socializing with friends or business associates is fine, but then while you are in a driving range, why not make the most out of it by setting a goal?  You might realize that because you are too focused on everything else in the range, you are just keeping on practicing the aspects of your game that you are already good at.  If you realize that your putting is off, there are golf mats for you to practice even on the driving range.  You have left the golf course, your golf cart is inside the golf cart cover, and you are in a driving range. The goal is to make the most out of your time in the range. 

·    Don’t just blast all of the balls in your bucket mindlessly.
A lot of people when in the driving range just power off and hit all balls in their bucket without thinking about it.  It seems that their goal is just to get rid of all the balls in the fastest time using their most powerful drives.  What’s the point in that?  Why not visualize that you are actually in a golf course and choose specific targets for each of your drives?  By doing this, you are determining the accuracy, as well as the range of each of your clubs.  By the time you are actually in the actual course, you’ll have a good idea of what you are capable of doing with all of your clubs.

·    When in the driving range, practice deliberately and slowly.
Being mindful of what you are going to practice on in the driving range will make your time in the range more productive.  While at it, why not go through the whole routine in preparing for each thing you ate going to do.  For example if you are practicing your full swings, take note of your pre-shot, your address, your practice swing and swing.  This will allow you to evaluate your swing and pinpoint the flaws in your swing.  You will notice that when you are in the real golf course, you are getting more consistent.  Remember: just take note, do not think of it too much especially when executing your shots or you will end up too worked-up and distracted. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some Pointers on Golf Club Shopping

Aside from having a golf cart, a golf cart cover, and a caddy, the most important thing you’d need to have in order to play golf is a set of clubs. After all, what will you use to get those balls into the very small holes? You can kick them or use your fingers, unless you’ve changed your mind and have gotten into soccer or tennis!

Image source: Clip Art Best

But take note: Getting a great set of golf clubs may be more challenging than, say, buying a golf cart cover to protect your cart during the winter months, or selecting the best golf shoes. So, what pointers and facts on golf clubs should a wise and practical shopper remember to score a good deal? How can one buy a new golf club by actually getting a not-so-new club without having to worry about getting shortchanged?

  • Used clubs will obviously have scratches, nicks and other minor cosmetic faults. These should not be a cause for concern with practical golf equipment shoppers. As long as there are no major bumps or crooks in the handle and the other important parts of the club that may affect its performance, then they should still be good buys. Grips that have been worn due to wear and tear and frequent use can be replaced inexpensively, so people can still buy them.

  • On the other hand, if the faults present in the clubs are more than cosmetic, such as nicks, rust, grooves, and dents, then the shopper should be wary of buying them. These faults can very well affect the performance of the club, and in turn, of the golfer.

  • Especially on auction and online shopping sites, there is a prevalence of fake branded golf clubs. In a world where anything can have a counterfeit version, it should not be surprising that even golf clubs can be faked. Of course, counterfeit clubs are not as good compared to authentic clubs in terms of performance, so it is advised for the online shopper to look for documentation of the club(s)' authenticity. The retailer's reputation may also provide clues on how authentic the sold clubs are.

In the end, shopping for golf clubs can be reasonable, as long as the pieces of advices related earlier could be followed. The golfer can then skirt around one of the most accepted facts on golf and have golf clubs that do not cost thousands of dollars.