Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some Pointers on Golf Club Shopping

Aside from having a golf cart, a golf cart cover, and a caddy, the most important thing you’d need to have in order to play golf is a set of clubs. After all, what will you use to get those balls into the very small holes? You can kick them or use your fingers, unless you’ve changed your mind and have gotten into soccer or tennis!

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But take note: Getting a great set of golf clubs may be more challenging than, say, buying a golf cart cover to protect your cart during the winter months, or selecting the best golf shoes. So, what pointers and facts on golf clubs should a wise and practical shopper remember to score a good deal? How can one buy a new golf club by actually getting a not-so-new club without having to worry about getting shortchanged?

  • Used clubs will obviously have scratches, nicks and other minor cosmetic faults. These should not be a cause for concern with practical golf equipment shoppers. As long as there are no major bumps or crooks in the handle and the other important parts of the club that may affect its performance, then they should still be good buys. Grips that have been worn due to wear and tear and frequent use can be replaced inexpensively, so people can still buy them.

  • On the other hand, if the faults present in the clubs are more than cosmetic, such as nicks, rust, grooves, and dents, then the shopper should be wary of buying them. These faults can very well affect the performance of the club, and in turn, of the golfer.

  • Especially on auction and online shopping sites, there is a prevalence of fake branded golf clubs. In a world where anything can have a counterfeit version, it should not be surprising that even golf clubs can be faked. Of course, counterfeit clubs are not as good compared to authentic clubs in terms of performance, so it is advised for the online shopper to look for documentation of the club(s)' authenticity. The retailer's reputation may also provide clues on how authentic the sold clubs are.

In the end, shopping for golf clubs can be reasonable, as long as the pieces of advices related earlier could be followed. The golfer can then skirt around one of the most accepted facts on golf and have golf clubs that do not cost thousands of dollars.


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