Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Many Uses of a Golf Cart

If you think that golf carts are just for the golf course, then think again. While golf carts are more than useful in the golf course (who wants to walk under all that heat), other venues that can greatly benefit from this type of vehicle are construction sites, campgrounds, and even ranches. Buying a golf cart is relatively easy, if you know what to look for. When buying a golf cart, here are some factors that you need to consider:

Image source: City of Holly Beach
Golf carts are not cheap so before buying one, you should first find out what it is that you need it for. It means deciding if you want to buy a new or a previously-owned vehicle. It also means thinking about whether you want it gas or electric-powered. For golf courses, electric-powered carts are advisable. Those who play in sporting clay competitions prefer to have gas-powered carts because they have more power when it comes to maneuvering in rougher terrains.

A brand new electric-powered golf cart costs around $4000-$5000, whereas a previously-owned vehicle may cost you half the price, around $2000. These are the minimum prices because the more extras you want to add the higher price it will fetch. For gas-powered golf carts, save a minimum of $3500 for previously-owned vehicles and $6000 for brand new carts.

You can easily purchase a new one but a more practical choice is investing in a second-hand but good one. Of course, you can also rent golf carts nowadays for a certain fee. Whatever you choose to purchase, never forget to buy golf cart covers to protect your investment too.


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