Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Safety First When Playing Golf

Golf is one sport businessmen and those who just want to relax both play. Business minded players discuss proposals over a game of golf. Courting a new stockholder can also be done in the golf course. Avid golfers even purchase their own golf carts, complete with golf cart covers for protection, to truly enjoy this comforting sport. However, despite golf being a relatively safe game to play outdoors, accidents are not uncommon in the golf course.

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The swinging of metal clubs, the harsh rays of the sun, and careless golf cart drivers are just some of the situations that could easily endanger you in the golf course. To play the game safely, here are some guidelines that you can follow.

• Once it is your turn to swing a golf club, make sure that all other players are in a safe distance away from you. You do not want the game to quickly end because you accidentally hit one of your pals and rush him to the hospital, don’t you? The most important thing to remember is to never swing a golf club if another person is next to you.

• On the other hand, if you are the one waiting for your turn and another player is about to take a swing, be alert enough to stay out of reach to prevent him from hitting you, not that we are saying that he is going to hit you. This is also important if venture into an adjoining fairway to retrieve or play an errant shot.

• “Fore!” is such an important word in golf. If you think other people might get hit by an errant golf ball, then shout it as loud as you can so they can be forewarned. If you are on the receiving end of the warning, then cover up. Crouch behind your golf bag if you must. Never crane your neck to look where the ball will land. If you don’t know it yet, “Fore” is an international warning in golf.

These are just the basic guidelines to enjoy a safe game of golf. Don’t forget, if you really are an avid player, purchase the right accessories and equipment to truly enjoy the game. This means having your own set of golf clubs, golf cart, and golf cart covers for protection.

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