Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get Fit With a Bike This Summer

Obesity, heart failure, unfit to work, abnormal breathing and mental disorder.  These are just some of the many sicknesses that are plaguing the world today.  How do you battle such disease without spending a huge amount of money?  We are living in a world where health is wealth.  Question is, what side are you in right now?  Are you in the healthy side or you’re one of the unfit ones?  You have to start now or suffer the consequences later. 
Cycling or biking has been in our history since the 1800s.  The term biking was coined in France during 1860.  Having two wheels attached to a frame, this great invention is now in an estimated number of about one billion worldwide and is considered the most used means of transportation in many countries. 

Statistics show that people who use these two-wheeled bikes gain a life expectancy of 3-14 months compared to those who drive their cars.  This study was conducted in Netherlands.  This study also stated that biking has a favorable effect to the total population due to the reduction of air pollution.

Below are 5 Health benefits derived from biking/cycling:


1.     Heart.
     Decreased risk of coronary disorder and improved cardiovascular aptness.

2.     Weight Loss.
      Increased action means increased metabolism.  A 20 minute cardiovascular exercise can burn at least 160 calories.

3.     Lifespan.
     Again, improved cardio can mean increased longevity.

4.     Environment.
     Pollution will be reduced once you start biking.  Instead of driving your car to work for 20 minutes and getting stuck in traffic for 20 minutes, why not take a bike and help the environment?  Decreased pollution means a decrease in lung problems not only for the cyclist, but also for other people in the society.

5.    Mental Alertness.  
     When you’re on the road, you become more responsive and aware of your surroundings.  And because most of your muscles are moving, it helps in stimulating your mental alertness.  Exercise such as biking, releases a chemical in your brain that helps you to be more alert.

While it is important that we exercise, we also need to protect our investment.  Storing our bikes in a secured place and covering it with a bike cover will lengthen the life of your bikes.  Formosacovers.com also supplies golf cart covers, car covers and other types of protective covers for your prized possessions. 

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