Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dealing With Moldy Reality of Golf Cart Covers

Have you been using your golf cart cover foryour vehicle that has been left in the garage the entire winter? Now that the polar vortex might finally be over, you may revisit your golf cart only to smell something musty and see black sports on your cover. Don’t panic, but that may be molds.

Image source: eHow
A majority of surfaces that is susceptible to moisture will surely attract the growth of molds. And those molds don’t hesitate to grow on surfaces that, after being exposed to moisture, have not gotten enough sunlight or space to “air out.”  They are not only gross and aesthetically unpleasing, but some varieties of it can actually cause health concerns because they are poisonous. Mere exposure to a number of black molds like Memnoniella and Stachybotrys can cause serious health problems since they can be breathed in. 

Unfortunately, a lot of buildings and residences that have been abandoned or kept unclean for a long time can be breeding ground for molds, and not a lot of people know which are dangerous and which can be cleaned by unprotected individuals without problems.

The question is, do homeowners and/or golf cart owners need the services of a professional cleaning firm when dealing with this seemingly dangerous problem? The thing is, for mild cases of black molds, a simple DIY solution can be employed with industrial strength disinfectant or bleach. But then, the question is, who among common people can distinguish between molds that are not that dangerous and those that are toxic and can cause health problems? This responsibility can be better assumed by companies that offer janitorial services.

If the black mold has been proven to be toxic, then it would be more advisable to let experts like a professional cleaning company to take care of cleaning molded areas. At least, if homeowners or golf cart owners are not that keen or hiring a professional cleaner just yet, they can send a sample of the mold to a laboratory to check if it is toxic or not. If the sample reveals negative toxicity levels, the homeowner can conduct a DIY removal procedure.  It is also advisable for materials that are infested with black mold, whether toxic or not, to be carefully removed and disposed in thick and heavy-duty plastic bags.  This is because even though these black molds may not be toxic, they still pose a health risk.


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