Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cleaning Your Golf Cart’s Mat is Easy

Because it is open, a golf cart is prone to the elements. You see there’s a reason why the golf cart cover exists. We can never overstress the importance of a golf cart cover in protecting your cart when not in use.

When you take your golf cart out on the course, it can easily pick up dust; which is why rubber matting is very important. Aside from making the floor more comfortable to step on, the mat keeps that very floor from gathering dust and stains. But it, too, needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid permanent, unwanted marks.

Cleaning the mat is easy. For this you will need:

-          push broom or wet-dry vacuum cleaner
-          hose with spray nozzle
-          sponge
-          dishwashing soap
-          moleskin towel (if you have to use the cart right away)

Step 1
Don’t start cleaning the mat inside the golf cart. You will need to take it out. This shouldn’t be a problem as the mat isn’t attached to the floor. To get rid of loose dust, shake it and then lay it on a flat surface. Use push broom or vacuum cleaner to clean it even further.

Step 2
Image source: Flickr
Get the hose with the spray nozzle and turn it on. Spray on the mat to remove harder buildups of dirt. Squeeze a teaspoon of dishwashing soap into the sponge and use it to clean the mat. Be sure you utilize the soft side of the sponge. Now do it again, this time using the rough side. Rinse it afterwards.

Step 3
Turn the mat over and do the entire thing again.

Step 4
 Hang up the mat and allow it to dry. If you have to use it right away, wipe both sides with the moleskin towel. The moleskin towel is good in absorbing water, so it allows less to dry when you hang it up. Once it dries, put it back on your golf cart. If you won’t use it right away, get your golf cart cover so it is still protected.

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