Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get Your Golf Cart a Vroom-ing

Golf carts make it easier for golfers to get around the course. Problem is that stock speed can be too slow that at times some golfers find it unbearable.

Cart manufacturers have an answer to this ‘dilemma’ as they have available increased speed gear kits which they sell separately. They include a high-speed motor, and you need to consult the manufacturer on this one as there are things that may need to be considered following the speed increase. But these modifiers can be quite expensive. Good thing there are other ways to up the speed of your golf cart, and you can do it yourself. You don’t need extreme modifications on this one. All you need is follow these tips:

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Get rid of excess weight
Today, golf carts are used even outside the course. Parks, malls, villas and other locations and businesses use golf carts to get around. Especially if you are not using it at the course, you may want to remove your golfing equipment like clubs and other gears. You’d be surprised at how this simple tip can actually make a difference.

Change gearing/size of tire

You can adjust the gearing in the differential to achieve faster speeds. Also, switching to larger tires can do the trick. A good change from 18” to 22” tires can add speeds of more than 2mph. While it will be covered by the same rpm, your golf cart will be able to cover more distance because of the larger tires.

Adjust the governor

The speed of the golf cart is dependent on a device called governor, or quite aptly, speed limiter. Because the golf course is no racetrack, cart manufacturers install governors to keep the speed at low levels. The stock speed of golf carts is only around 12mph, and adjusting the governor will naturally give your cart a considerable increase in speed.Much like protecting your cart with a golf cart cover, doing these things to your cart needs utmost care. If done wrong, they can do more harm than good, especially with the governor. In future articles, we will show you how to properly and safely adjust the governor. 

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