Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Playing Golf in the Winter? Possible!

You actually don’t have to leave your golf cart with your golf cart cover in a garage during the entire cold spell. Dust off your clubs and leave the driving range, because here are some tips in how to play your favorite sport even during the winter time:

Cover your body to stay warm.
Image source: Golf Digest
Being exposed to the weather is common in terms of playing golf. Everybody is expected to walk outside and go from one course to another. One can still enjoy the game be it summer or winter. It is just a matter of dressing for the weather. Wear something warm for a game in a chilly climate and wear something light for a hot one. Either way, it is possible to play this game in any season.

Stay hydrated.
In a cold environment, it is very easy to get dehydrated. When one is exerting energy like being engaged in a sport, it is quicker to lose water in the body. The best way to solve this problem is to drink plenty of liquid. In a golf game, when people are expected to walk and swing their clubs, water in the body quickly dries up so staying hydrated is pertinent.

Consider colored balls to set it apart from snow.
Image source: Golf
Since the color of a golf ball is white, playing during winter can prove to be difficult with snow everywhere. It would be hard to locate the ball as well as see the direction it is going to. The best way to solve this dilemma is to choose a colored ball. Using a different color would help identify the ball in a wide area surrounded by white.

Dress appropriately, especially with shoes.
Since golf in an outdoor game, it is important to dress carefully. Most outfits for golf are best for a colder climate with thick shirts anyway so it is only a matter of wearing jackets, gloves, scarves, muffs, and of course sensible shoes.  Find shoes that are comfortable since golfers would be walking most of the time. If would also be better to find a pair that would withstand the cold weather.

Walk instead and protect your cart. 
Image source: Greenwich Time
A golf cart is used for the convenience of golfers. Walking far distances may prove to taxing hence the use of a golf cart. It can be protected with a golf cart cover during winter but since golf is considered a sport, it would be better for golfers to walk to their destination as well. This would not only protect their carts but also serve as a form of exercise.

Adjust your strategy and game.
Playing golf during winter is not something that everyone should be afraid of. The fear of slipping on ice or freezing can be addressed with proper strategy. Golfers already devised a plan on how to go about their game in a friendly weather that can be easily adjusted. It is possible to use the same strategy for winter with a few tweaks. Golf facilities can ensure the safety of the players so it is just a matter of being able to apply the usual tactic by considering some factors. Checking the course before an important game and trying out different techniques would be a good way to find those loopholes that must be addressed.


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