Friday, January 31, 2014

What Makes a Good Hotel?

What Makes a Good Hotel? 
The hospitality industry value customer service perhaps more than any other industry. For this reason alone, the industry continues to thrive, and at the forefront of the charge are those that understand service at its truest form.
But what really makes a good hotel? Whether you are a hotel owner or customer, here is a checklist you may want to adapt.
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Clean facilities
No one would want to be associated with anything filthy. Clean facilities and surroundings definitely score high on people’s discriminating tastes. Especially if you are a traveler, you probably have billeted in hotels that aren’t regularly cleaned. A tip: for outdoor furniture that are not in use, it would be good to use furniture cover to secure them. Much like you would use a golf cart cover to secure a golf cart when not in use.
Home away from home
People, particularly the traveling kind, want a place where they can feel at home. They may be constantly looking for different environments and enjoying it, but the feel of laying their backs on a place they can label home come night time surely adds to the feel. A good hotel should make a foreigner feel safe and comfortable all the time.
Courteous staff
Part of this “home away from home” mantra are staff that always have a ready smile and welcoming attitude. Great are the staff that are warm and accommodating and are always willing to help a person for whatever his economic stature is.
Great food
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Really, what good is a hotel with food that isn’t up to par? You go to a hotel and expect to be served only with good food. Simple as that.
This general checklist should be good enough to help you find some decent accommodation. For more tips, please keep to this site.

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