Friday, January 17, 2014

Should You Insure Your Furniture?

Furniture insurance – it’s a way to protect your newly bought furniture for a certain period of time. To others, it probably sounds like extra money for the dealer or the manufacturer. Some people may have not even heard of it.

Most furniture manufacturers offer a warranty anyway, so why the need to pay for insurance when it could
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already be covered by the furniture protection plan, which by the way, should set you off some money. Besides if it’s made of good wood, what do you need a warranty for?

Caring for your furniture starts with covering them when not in use. As in a golf cart that needs a golf cart cover when kept outside of the course, so you should use furniture cover to safeguard your furniture from the elements, especially if they are placed outdoors. Clean them regularly and be extra cautious for scratches if you have kids and pets at home. Be forewarned that some of those furniture insurance do not cover scratches. There are those that cover for loss or damage through fire or theft, which is a good thing. But perhaps the one thing where most furniture insurance meet is fabric protection, which really shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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But then again if you really want to be certain and if you have the money to spare, getting furniture insurance should do you good. Just be sure you know what it covers. Sometimes it appears useless only because you have lack of knowledge about the policies. Usually, the insurance will cost you 6% of the cost of the furniture.

Right then and there the sales staff will talk you into buying insurance for the furniture you just bought. Right then and there, too, you may feel coerced and give in. Our advice is simple: step back and think. If you are the practical type, perhaps the only cover you’re gonna need is the patio furniture cover.

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