Friday, January 24, 2014

Things to Consider When Building a Deck

Whether as a component of garden landscaping or merely for expansion of your living area, a deck brings some interesting character to your house.

A little tip though: if you have one already, remember that parts of the house depreciate because of poor maintenance. So just as a golf cart cover is needed by a gold cart to protect it from the elements in storage, so does your outdoor furniture. For those who are planning to have one, these pointers can help:

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Selection of materials

The materials to be used obviously play a vital role in the construction of a backyard deck. Decide on the materials you want/need to use. Remember, durability should never be overlooked. The deck is usually located outdoors so you want materials that can withstand weather changes and other elements. For decking, hardwood is the top choice but it entails a lot of work – cleaning, sanding, resealing, etc.

A good alternative is composite decking which is a mixture of wood and recycled plastic. Though it understandably does not have the durability of hardwood, it is still strong and saves a lot on maintenance. Of course it requires the occasional cleaning but for the most part, it is maintenance-free.

Design plan

Time to get your creative juices flowing. For some inspiration, you may want to do a little research: ask around, go to the net, read books and magazines, etc. But, accept that there is nothing wrong having someone do it for you, especially if you have the budget. A good designer will help you plan it out, taking into consideration the essentials like location, purpose, and again, budget.

Time of construction 
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Because it is located outdoors, spring is certainly the best time to construct your deck. You don’t want to go all excited and start the construction only to be interrupted by heavy rains or harsh winds.

A deck has the capability to completely change your backyard’s aura. Planning and construction can be brutally tricky, but with these tips, there’s no way you can’t enjoy having one.

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