Friday, January 3, 2014

Cleaning up the Holiday Clutter

The holiday season is over and it only means one thing: time to clean up the holiday mess. If you have to store things, the formula is simple: a golf cart cover is to a golf cart as a patio chair cover is to a patio chair.

The clutter left by all the partying could be harder to clean if the celebrations were done outdoors, say the patio. Of course the bigger the party, the bigger the mess, and the more you should give your furniture some tender loving care and heed these tips to make them last longer:

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First things first. Once you come to your senses, start your cleanup by picking up litters. Don’t let leftover  foods lie around for a long period of time. But if you really have to do it at a latter time, at least secure them with a cover. Think creepy crawlers.

Wash what needs to be washed like plates and other utensils (disposable ones sure come in handy), and store them in the cabinet or in a box. Prepare garbage bags for other wastes and dispose of them properly.

Sweep the floor. Sweep/vacuum the floor. Newton’s law of gravity tells you how important it is to do this after every trash that can be picked up by hand has been taken care of.

Check for stains. Whether you like it or not, stains will appear on those white table cloths. The top home remedy solutions for stains are baby powder and lemon juice. Apply any of these on the stain and leave them out to get some sun. You’d be surprised how easy they will be removed when washing.

Wash tables and chairs. Don’t forget to wash tables, chairs and other furniture with the right cleaner. Spray some disinfectant to kill bacteria.

That’s it! Live to party another day. You deserve it after a year’s worth of hard work.

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