Friday, December 20, 2013

Car Storage Tips for the Winter

The winter season is almost here. Oh yes, it’s that time of the year when we are left with no choice but submit to unfavorable, at times, impossible driving conditions.

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 In one of the past blog posts we gave you tips on how to make your golf cart winter-ready; and just like a cart that needs a golf cart cover to safeguard it from the elements when not in use, cars need to be covered as well for the same reason. That and the following tips must be considered to keep your car in great running condition for the winter.

Visit the mechanic

Give your car a trip to the mechanic for checkup. Ensure that you have sufficient anti-freeze, that the brakes are working, that the lights are operational, that your coolant system is well-maintained, etc. Your mechanic should be able to give you recommendations from changing oil to getting snow tires and winter wiper blades. If you plan on storing your car, be sure you have car cover.

Emergency kit 

Unpredictable conditions call for a higher level of preparedness. Be sure your gas tank is filled half full at a minimum as it makes your car easier to start during chilly mornings. For emergency purposes, it certainly wouldn’t be too much if you have the following: ice scraper or shovel, jumper cables, flashlight, waterproof/strike anywhere matches, and a first-aid kit. Be sure, too, that your cellphone is fully charged whenever you go for a drive.

More tips

Turn on the radio for news before you leave the house and while driving. Never neglect warnings. It would be good to let someone know the route you’re taking in case you get stranded. Drive smart, avoid abrupt changes in direction or speed, and always turn on your lights when driving through rain or snow.

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As we all know, the winter season presents irregular demands on vehicles so readiness is imperative. It’s critical enough for golf carts, what more for cars.


  1. Hi, Oli. It sounds to me like your oil filter is blocked. If your car has fairly low mileage, than it’s probably got to do with poor parts installment by the mechanic. I’d go back and have them take a look--if you’re under warranty, it shouldn’t cost you anything. Otherwise, I’d check out this post to help save costs a bit. Best of luck.

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  4. Prepare your car for winter by visiting a mechanic for essential checkups, ensuring anti-freeze levels, brake functionality, and other crucial components. Additionally, create an emergency kit, keep the gas tank at least half full, and stay informed about weather conditions to navigate safely during challenging winter driving conditions.
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