Friday, December 13, 2013

Extending the Life of your Golf Cart Batteries

Lead-acid batteries, the kind that powers golf carts, last a good three years minimum and can reach up to seven or more depending on how they are used.

In order to reach their maximum life, a good maintenance system is necessary. Here are the essentials in battery maintenance to save you a whole lot of money you can otherwise spend on other equipment like a golf cart cover or perhaps another golf club:

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Before cleaning the batteries, see to it that the vent caps are tightly sealed. Prepare a solution of distilled water and baking soda, and use it to clean the battery top. Rinse and then dry using a piece of cloth. Use a post and clamp cleaner to cleanse the battery terminals and the cable clamps’ interior.


Never leave it on for long periods of time so it won’t get discharged. After usage, see to it that everything is switched off. When driving on the course, avoid passing through steep hills and make sure your total load does not exceed the cart’s suggested weight capacity.


It is good practice to charge your batteries after every use, short drives included. Keep track of the charge time – overcharging will cause damage to your batteries. To be safe, invest in one of those automated chargers that turn off when the batteries are fully charged. Of course manual chargers are okay as long as you are wary of the charging time.


When storing your batteries be sure that they are fully charged. During the winter, it is best to look for a warm place for storage. During the summer, store the batteries in a rather cool place.

As with all your prized possessions, it is best to take care of your golf equipment. In future articles, we will tell you more about batteries: installing, replacing, charging – the works.

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