Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old and New Materials for Patio Furniture Covers

Lawns and decks are nice additions to anyone’s home.  It is a fun place where the whole family can gather and relax together.  The furniture should be those that can be placed outdoors.  The reason for this is that it would be exposed to the elements.  This is important even if the deck have awnings or retractable roofs.  One thing that you can use for additional protection for the furniture is to buy furniture covers.

Picking out the furniture covers can be a fun activity to do which you can do at the same time when choosing which furniture and decoration goes best with the space.  The patio furniture covers can come in a variety of colors and materials to suit your taste.  You can choose right away the one that best goes with your color scheme.  This will be great to also match it with the theme for the kind of furniture that is found in your patio. 

Vinyl and plastic are among of the most common materials used for outdoor furniture covers.  It being waterproof is the reason why many prefer it.  It is sure to protect the furniture. Another reason why it is preferred because it is easy to clean up.  Regular soap and water can remove the stains.  Its lower price makes it more affordable than the others that is why it is popular.  The major downside of this is that it can only last one or two seasons.  The reason for this is that the material itself cannot withstand extreme changes in temperature.

Nylon Fabric is one material that is great to use as an outdoor furniture cover because it is washable and resistant to mold and mildew.  It is lightweight and inexpensive material and popular for those whose outdoor furniture is protected by a roof or those that is on the porch.  This synthetic material stops water from seeping into the furniture.  However, if the volume of the water is already too much like during heavy rains and storms, it cannot do its job anymore.  The material is also cannot withstand extreme heat from the sun because it can warp and deform.  There are even instances that it melts into the furniture.  Since this material is lightweight, there would be a need to add weights so that it would not get blown away by the wind.

Crypton is a relatively new material used for patio furniture covers, compared to the first two materials mentioned.  The great thing about this is that it is easy to mix and match it with the existing furniture and interiors because it has lots of options for patterns and texture.  It also has protection against bacteria, molds and stains aside from being water resistant.  It has a moisture barrier will protect your furniture from getting wet yet still lets the air flow into the cloth.  It is also durable and washable without the fear of the colors fading or the texture changing. The only setback for this material is that it would cost you more compared to the others.

For a variety of furniture covers, you can check out the website of Formosa Covers online.  This company will help you protect and make sure that your furniture will remain looking new for a long time. 

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