Friday, November 22, 2013

Clean Your Golf Cart Cover the Correct Way!

Cleaning your golf cart cover is easy.

Well it SHOULD BE.
In fact, it involves only a little logic. But why then are there so many people having problems in cleaning their golf cart cover?

It’s because there are little things they don’t put into consideration.
Here’s the proper way to do it:

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Where to clean

A good, sunny weather should be a good time to clean your golf cart cover. Find a place that’s big enough so you’ll be able to spread out your golf cart cover. As much as possible, choose an open space that directly receives sunlight so you won’t have to carry it out to another place when you have to dry it. Also, be sure the area is free from pets or falling objects that could smear a drying golf cart cover. To keep it in place, place a brick or any similar object in the four corners of the golf cart cover.


Using a hose, begin cleaning your cart cover. For an efficient way of cleaning, start in the middle, then slowly move to the sides. Otherwise you are just letting dirt pile up in the middle. If there are buildups of dirt, concentrate on them. Clear water from a hose should suffice. Flip over the golf cart cover and clean the other side as well.

Dry it up!

After cleaning your golf cart cover, let it dry. Once it is completely dried up, you may need to spread it again on a clean surface so you can fold it the right way. If such area is not available, call someone to help you fold it so you won’t have to lay it out on the ground. The two of you stand facing each other, and then fold one side over to the other. Do this until the cover is small enough for easy storage. Or, you can just immediately use it to protect your golf cart cover!

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