Friday, November 8, 2013

Really, Golf Carts Can Be Dangerous

No, you won’t read any of those silly stuff they do on the TV series Jackass in here.

Even golf carts aren’t saved from disasters. They may not be the kind that could be met by a 325 mph sports car. But that’s not taking away the danger, especially that there are parts of the course that can get really crowded. In here are a few tips for when you are ready to get your cart out of the golf cart cover and into the course.

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Warning signs

Be aware of the safety reminders posted either in the shop or in the cart itself. Proper posture should always be observed. Arms and legs should not be extended outside of the cart at any time. Also, passengers must be limited to two, and as with any vehicle, never try to accelerate when a passenger isn’t properly secured yet. This especially works for golf carts since it is open. There are safety rules with road vehicles that likewise applies with golf carts like driving under the influence and looking at both directions while driving on the course. Slow down when you need to, as in driving across hills. As earlier stated, there are areas that can be filled with people, like the clubhouse. There are courses that have additional guidelines for carts so be sure you know about this. You should be able to know, too, which areas are off limits to golf carts.

Respect other players’ direction

Remember that you are sharing the course with other players. As a rule, never cross another player’s target line. You should always be on the lookout for players in the course. Never drive the cart in front other players. Always exhibit courtesy.

Special rules

Usually when the course is wet and muddy following a bad weather, the course may administer the 90-degree rule. On such occasion, carts may be allowed at the fairway provided they maintain a 90-degree angle from the cart path. This is done for the passengers’, as well as the turf’s protection. There are times when the course would require only cart path, meaning there are only designated pathways. This is done to protect grass in the fairway, and essentially for the holes.

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