Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keep Your House Safe for Kids

Every child is a testament to the wonderful gift of life – even if at times you feel like covering them with patio furniture covers even just for a couple of minutes to take the crazy world to a halt. Kidding!

It is really amazing to look at their tiny hands and feet in their first few weeks. Parents, especially mothers, would often be puzzled at how that wonderful creature grew within her for the past nine months. As children grow, they never fail to amaze and bring wonderful surprises to the family.

Photo Credit: Love To Know Kids

But behind these surreal moments are manic ones in between. Children, especially toddlers, can be quite a handful to handle at home. Endless running and shouting all over the place can definitely turn any household upside down. And it’s pretty rare for children to cause havoc without getting a couple of bruises or scars along the way.

Allowing children to explore the great outdoors is said to be one of the most effective ways of letting them learn not only about the environment, but about life in general. Don’t let safety issues get in the way of your child’s education. We’ve compiled the most practical practices that you can easily integrate in the upkeep of your backyard to encourage your children to play.

1. Define spaces

Separating the lounge from the play area can help in keeping your children safe outdoors. Defining spaces allows kids to develop a sense of familiarity with and belongingness to their specified area. Placing the play area far from the pool or the barbeque area can help ensure safety. Fences are also recommended to keep children within the vicinity of your home.

2. Be a barber

You don’t have to cut your child’s hair. All you have to do is trim the grass in your backyard. Tall grasses are very inviting to snakes and other animals that could cause harm to your kids. If you are too busy to take care of this chore, you may hire the kid next door. Turning this activity into a family affair is another creative way to promote family time.

3. Pick furniture pieces wisely

Anything with a sharp edge is a no-no. Rounded tables and sofas are better choices for outdoor furniture over their more angular and boney counterparts. Another thing that you have to consider is the material used for the furniture. Make sure avoid anything that has chemicals and can be broken. Also choose pieces that are easy to clean since kids can really make a lot of mess.

4. Cover ‘em up

Using patio furniture covers really help in keeping your furniture safe from dust and bacteria build up that can trigger allergies. Pool covers on the other hand ensure that no one falls inside the pool unintentionally. These covers are usually made with sturdy materials that can withstand changes in weather.

Let your kids play under the sun while they are young. These moments help them learn about their surroundings that lead to a better understanding of life. Treating kids as fragile individuals at all times can cripple their growth.  Let them be what they really are – innocent and carefree. 


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