Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fancy a Pet?

Having a pet dog or a cuddly cat can be healthy, apparently.  Unlike any human relationship that you will have, having a pet removes stress and relieves you from some anxieties, which significantly improves your health and reduces risk of disease.

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Have you heard of Pet Therapy?  In medical societies, it's called Animal Assisted Therapy.  Several studies show that pet therapy or AAT decreased the loneliness of different types of patients, which in turn improved their health.  Interesting, isn't it? 

Nowadays, you would see dogs and cats as part of a family.  Members would treat their pets as an "official member" of the family and you would notice the same treatment as what other family member has, even if its sometimes extreme.  They would even give these pets their own beds.  Some would even invest in pet covers, car seats and pet accessories Ridiculous as it may seem, but to some it’s a way of living. 

Let's go back to the benefits of having a pet.  If you're in the hospital right now or you're experiencing ailments and you've done everything the doctors have prescribed, well this maybe a good time to read the article and maybe consider getting a pet of your own.  Here are some health benefits of having a pet:

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  • Social Interaction among patients
  • Pets can be a good company especially if you're physically challenged.  Dogs can be a guide to blind people.
  • Patients with Dementia becomes less agitated because they tend to socialize more than their usual
  • New studies show that kids growing up with dogs or cats in their homes will likely have a lesser chance of having allergies and asthma
  • Less stress.  Studies show that people are more relaxed after spending time with their pets
  • Recent study also shows that incidents of heart attacks decrease due to cat ownership.

Having a pet can be a bit expensive but the joy of having one is rewarding.  After a hard days work, who wouldn't want to have someone running towards you with such excitement?  It's your choice.

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