Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Protect Your Double Purpose Furniture

For anyone looking for furniture to complete your newly renovated house, why not consider placing a daybed by the window with a view?  It does not necessarily need to be placed in a bedroom as it can also be used in a patio that faces the backyard.  Daybeds are versatile pieces of furniture that can either be put in a room if there is not enough space for a sitting area, in a foyer to serve as a chaise lounge where guests can relax, or in the patio as a statement piece of furniture which can add a different look to the space.  The kind of material for the daybed can even be selected from among a wide selection.  It can be made of wood for that traditional look or of synthetic materials.  Metal and steel are also other materials popularly used for daybeds. 

Image source: decorationchannel.com

Things Needed to Keep a Daybed Looking New


A daybed at home has to be taken care of properly so that it won’t look old easily, especially if it is used to double as a chaise lounge.  It is best to invest in several daybed covers so that they can be changed every so often.  This would also help protect the mattress from gathering too much dust.  Daybed covers made of cotton is a great choice so that anyone would not have a hard time with laundering them.  For daybeds that are placed on the patio, patio furniture covers can be used as analternative.  The best part about using this kind of cover is that there is no need to laundry it to keep it clean.  Just a few swipes of a rug or even a sweep of the vacuum can get it cleaned in no time.

Double Use Furniture


Daybeds are pieces of furniture that are nice to have in limited spaces.  It would be perfect in studio flatas, where the bedroom is also the receiving area.  Daybeds are perfect for these small living spaces because it can double as a lounge chair when guests come over and as a bed where they can sleep at night.   Patios are also great places where this furniture can be placed, as this is primarily a place for relaxation. Just place the patio furniture covers to help protect the mattress when it is not in use.

It is also a space saver because it is not that large usually.  The common size for this piece of furniture is the same as a twin size bed which is about 38”x75”.   Furniture pieces that are double purpose are really economical and are great to have.

Where to Get the Covers


There are many stores now that sell these, so that looking for one won’t be too difficult at all.  Also, with the many designs available for covers, an instant makeover for the home can be done in a snap.  One can change the look and feel of the place where the furniture is placed by simply replacing the covers with a freshly laundered one or by using a different colored one.  We at Formosa Covers can supply your needs for furniture covers.  We organize our products depending on what kind is needed, making shopping for these covers easy and convenient.

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