Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Activities to Enjoy with your Dogs during Winter Season

Holidays may be over, but winter season is just warming up! (Ironic, isn’t it?) That means expect colder days in the next couple of months. As for your pet dogs, it pretty much says that they need to stay indoors for most of the time being. But just because they’re staying inside the house for quite some time, it doesn’t mean they’re off to slack the entire season by curling up on their pet throw and forget about staying fit. Because just like us, humans, dogs need to limber up as well!

Yes, you can still give him/her a quick run outside the street (mostly for morning walks and for doing their usual “business”). Other than that, it is not advisable to keep them exposed in the cool breeze of winter for too long.

To keep your dogs in the zone this winter season, here are some simple indoor activities to enjoy with your pooch!

Indoor Fetch – Now, who said “fetch” can only be played outside? Evidently, fetch can also be fun when played indoors, especially during the coldest month of the season. You don’t really need to have a large space for your furry K-9s to enjoy the game. All it takes is a relatively long hallway and a tennis ball to flex their legs. Or perhaps, move a few tables and chairs by the living area for a more spacious indoor ball game.

Stair Exercise – More rigorous cardio workout to develop your dog’s legs and stamina? Go for the stair exercise. Warm up your pup by walking him/her up and down from your stairs. Pace the level up a notch by walking a bit faster, then jog.

Indoor Tag – Your dog wants to go running? Indulge your pooch for a game of tag by sprinting all over the house. As a variation, you may put some obstacles within the way (chairs, pillows, throw pillow) to make it a bit more challenging. That way, you also get to work out on his/her navigation skills and vision.

Treadmill Exercise – If you think you don’t have enough space to accommodate a full run for your dog, and you happen to have a home gym, why not let your pooch do a few minutes of treadmill rounds? Heck, might as well join him and pull off a couple presses.

Sense Test – A relatively simple pet exercise to sharpen your dog’s senses and attention. You may use laser pointers or perhaps, play a game of hide-and-seek (hide one your dog’s favorite toys in various spots and let him/her find it) and fetch tease (while playing fetch, pretend to throw the ball and see if he/she will chase after it.)

Doga – This pet exercise seems to be getting a lot of attention from both humans and pets, because apparently, yoga can also be enjoyed by your fido. This can be a great way to stretch out your pooch’s muscles and loins, as well as to de-stress them. Also, this is one of the perfect way to utilize your pet seat cover other than a den of slack for your mutts.

Got more indoor activities on how to keep your dogs busy and fit during the winter? Feel free to leave a comment and hit us up with some ideas!


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