Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Gifts c/o Formosa Covers

Already feeling the cool breeze of December? That means Christmastime is just around the corner. And if you’re still fretting about what’s the best gift to hand over this Yuletide season for everyone, Formosa Covers will “cover” all your holiday gift needs, because that’s what we do best!

And to specify, we give you some items that we thought would be the perfect gift for each family member! Ready to gift wrappers, ribbon, scissors and adhesives!

For Dad: Vehicle Cover
Car aficionado? Or perhaps, golf enthusiast? Maybe, watersports guru? Whatever the case may be, dad can surely use a reliable vehicle cover to protect and maintain some of his leisure investments, such as sports car, golf cart, bike, ATV or snowmobile. He’ll thank your for it!

For Mom: Patio Umbrella

Because mommy likes to chill out and relax by the patio after a long day of garden sprucing and patio decorating, a brand new patio umbrella will be the perfect gift for her, so that she can easily lounge to a laid back afternoon with matching pitcher of lemonade and a garden music on the side!

For Sassy-Savvy Sister: Mobile Phone Cover

Aww, your ever busy sister, always fumbling her precious smartphone. Thank heavens for these smartphone protective cases, your sister doesn’t have to worry about another dent on her phone! And did we mention how neutral yet stylish and sleek these cases are? This is going to complement your sister’s everyday fashion statement.

For Outdoorsy Brother: Sleeping Bag

Since your brother likes to go out camping, hiking, or the occasional sleep over with friends’ cabin, why not give him the gift of comfort in the form of sleeping bag? This snuggly present the ideal present if you have a sleepyhead sibling in the house as well.

For your pet, Buster: Pet Throw

And because you don’t want your pets to feel left out this Christmas, we’ve got something in-store for your furry house fixture as well. Since winter season is slowly breezing its way through, let your pet feel the warmth by giving him a nice, comfy pet throw.

We told you, we’ve got everything you need to complete your Christmas presents. Now, you can pretty much enjoy the rest of the holidays!


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