Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Make Your Home Winter-Ready for the Cold Season

In the lane, snow is glistening… And it’s going to be more evident by the time snowflakes start to fall. Depending on your area, cold season is a great dilemma. For one thing, you have to re-organize almost the entire house just to be ready for the temperature drop.

So much for building a snowman, it is a-must that you should winterize your home above all, to uphold convenience even in the midst of the gloomy and oftentimes harsh weather.

Here are some quick, useful and easy steps on winterizing your humble abode this cold season:

Garage and Driveway

Garage is basically the frontliner of your house, so it is understandable and pretty basic to winterize this part of the house first. First thing to do is to check the working condition of the garage door. That includes quick repair for minor dents, holes and seal gaps. Next is to ensure your tools are well-stored, complete with silica gel to prevent rusting. Snow salt is notorious for its power to give the worst case of rusting, so better keep your tools and garage equipment safe. In addition, lube up door hinges and brackets by applying grease or oil on it to.

As for the driveway, keep a trusty shovel or ice blower in handy to blow off snow accumulation. Moreover, if pavements and concrete surface have cracks, make sure to fix it weeks before the start of the season. Lastly, clear off your roof and gutter from leaves and other debris that may and can block off snow and water buildup.

Above all, keep in mind to ready your trusty vehicle cover to protect your ride from the harsh snow-and-salt as well.

Inside the House

Homeowners tend to take this task for granted, but believe us when we say that doing this detailed task will benefit you in terms of saving money for far more extensive after-winter repairs and pest controls. Initially, keep your house a bit warmer by installing additional insulations. Next is to check the walls and ceilings for leaks. Snow can be nasty, especially when it melts away and seeps through small gaps of the house.

And speaking of leaks, might as well check your pipeworks for cracks and leaks. It is during this time that most pipes –especially the metal ones – are prone and vulnerable to breakage and rusting. And while you’re at it, you might want to extend an extra effort of adding extra protection to your pipes by wrapping them up with heating tapes.

Additionally, make sure to close all shafts and windows in the basement and attic to prevent insects and other animals to invade your warm space.


Another vulnerable part of the house, you might say. Although, much simpler to winterize this part of the house. All it takes is to give it a nice, efficient sweeping. Next step is to blanket your cozy furniture and fixtures with heavy-duty furniture covers, including the patio umbrella, barbecue grill and air conditioning system.

Chimney and Fireplace

Finally, this is also the perfect time to gather wood fuel and brush off backyard debris to your fire pit, fireplace and chimney for the cold season. But before sparking a match on it, it is vital to inspect your fireplace and/or chimney for excess creosote deposits and other fire hazards that could impose accidents. It’s quite obvious you will be using this quite a lot for the next coming months, so it is recommended to go through with this preventive maintenance to avoid unwanted winter disasters.


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