Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Setting Up a Warm, Cozy Lounge Spot for Your Pet for the Cold Season

Just like us, humans, cats and dogs are also vulnerable to extreme cold, especially during winter season. And it is fair and just that you should give them a nice, warm spot to take refuge as the cool breeze lingers on.
Forget about taking your pets outside. And don’t even think about leaving them out in the cold. To tell you the truth, that’s not “COOL”! (Pun intended)

Better yet, go and set up a sweet spot that’s warm enough to accommodate your furry little friends this frosty season. Here are some easy tips and steps:

Prepare your pet’s indoor sanctuary

First thing to do is to prepare the necessary stuff to use in setting up a temporary shelter for your pet. This includes a pet basket furnished with a pet throw or an old quilt, toys, feeding dishes and drinking bowl. If you happen to have an outside shelter for your pet, you might also want to spruce it up in case your 4-legged companions prefer to stay outdoors for a while after a nice, short cold walk. Install proper insulation if needed. In addition, be mindful that it is still best to let your pets slack off in your humble abode for a few weeks or so – or at least until the ice melts – to keep them warm.

Spot near by the fireplace, in the garage or in the basement

Make sure to set up the “pet lounge” in an area where warmth is adequate to keep them cozy and snug. Moreover, the garage can also be a perfect spot for your dog/cat to spend the entire winter, provided that their lounge should have a safe distance away from any vehicular or tool hazards.

As for using the basement, it is suggested that before pimping your underground space, you must ensure that there’s a pet flap installed onto the door to prevent incidents of pets getting trapped downstairs.

Get them pet sweaters and jackets

Because their own fur, and even when cloaked with their favorite pet cover, is still not enough to block off the intense cold. Besides, it seems that most pet owners nowadays are fond of dressing up their k-9s and feline friends. So, might as well put something functional on them to maintain and regulate their body temperature. Additionally, it is better for your pets to wear booties to protect their paws from snow and salt when taking a walk.

Keep the drapes open during daytime

Get the most out of the daytime by keeping the drapes and window curtains open, especially when there’s enough sunlight to fight off frigid winter gust. For most house pets, it is quite automatic for them to follow the sun’s path by the window, so it is also advised to set up your pet’s lounge anywhere near glassed hole.

Finally, make sure to always keep an eye on your cuddly pets, as they tend to become uneasy, especially if it’s their first time to stay indoors for a stretched amount of time. Check their temperature regularly and yes, an occasional belly rub helps a lot in giving your pets comfort.

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