Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Patio Umbrella Maintenance This Cold Season

Patio umbrellas are there to keep us refreshed and protected from the sun’s UV rays and scourching heat as you chill by the backyard. On the other hand, rain, snow and cold season is a different story altogether. And since it’s starting to feel a bit chilly, looks like you won’t be needing much of a shade anytime soon.

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And since your umbrella will be on a season-long hibernation inside its umbrella cover, you may want to clean up as well before closing it and zipping it off until spring comes. So, to help you prep up your umbrella before sending it off to a long vacay, here are some maintenance pointers:

Wipe ‘N Wash

Outdoor umbrellas are obviously vulnerable to practically all kinds of dirt. And this includes dust particles, eroded earth, leaves, tree sap, fruit nectars, bird droppings and insect leavings. This accumulation of nasty stuff may and can leave unwanted damage to your umbrella if left overtime. To avoid this, the first thing you need to do is to wipe off the frame of the umbrella – including the ribs and finial – using a smooth cloth. Never use towel or any rough, abrasive cloth for cleaning, as it may leave noticeable scratches. Regardless if the frame is made of aluminum or wood, make sure to place it on a rubber matting when laying it down on your garage driveway to prevent any unwanted scratches when dusting.

Easy on the soap and chemicals

On a normal basis, cleaning patio umbrellas can be done using water, alone, although in some cases, the need to use soaps, cleansers and other chemical-based cleaning agents is required to effectively wash off hardened dirt patches and stains coming from sap and droppings. These cleansers may do damage to your umbrella such as discoloration, detergent staining and tarnishing. For detachable covers, if you wish to use machine washers (industrial grade laundry-mats), you may do so, provided that you’ll use mild soap. In relation, when using these cleaning agents, make sure to thoroughly rinse the umbrella’s frame, then wipe it dry using a soft cloth. As for the fabric covers, it is advisable to leave it for a while to drying it out completely.

Everyday is not always a sunny day

As said earlier, patio umbrellas are not built to withstand rain and other harsh conditions. Come bad weather or snow/cold season, it is recommended to store the umbrella in upright position for the time being. Also, when safekeeping, make sure that the umbrella is in “DEADLOCK” to prevent it from opening accidentally.

Finally, once your patio umbrella is all prepped up, encase it in a resilient umbrella cover to shield it off from insects, pests and dirt accumulation.

And what better way to do it than to protect your investment using Formosa Covers Patio Umbrella Covers, right? Visit the official site to check out wide range of furniture, car and pet seat covers.


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