Monday, November 10, 2014

Why The Need to Cover Your Air Conditioning System

There has been a long clash of expertise between seasoned air conditioning maintenance specialists, as to whether or not you should cover our air conditioning system’s outside unit, especially during the cold season. Some say YES because it protects the condenser from elements and dirt particles, while others say NO because it will accumulate moisture from the inside.

So to answer this once and for all, here are some key points to consider and the proper way to cover your air conditioning unit:

Air conditioner covers act as shield against elements and harsh weather

Air conditioner covers are made from the finest heavy-duty water repellent fabric materials like denier polyester to ensure the mint condition of your home cooling system by preventing it from being weather-beaten. So much for accumulated ice that will eventually melt and may “flood” and damage your unit’s inner components, snow water may also cause rust, wire deterioration, freezing of mechanism or worse, short circuit.

In addition, aircon covers deter other dirt elements and substances that may damage its metal casing, and even the inside mechanism once these damaging agents enter through the grills, such as tree branches, leaves, dust, eroded earth, even animal droppings. Quite nasty, right?

Cover it. But don’t leave it entirely there!

It is very important to take note of this. For one thing, your air conditioning unit releases heat accumulated by the compressor and condenser. This becomes an instant VIP access to rodents, insects and other animals lurking around the area to find warmth. What’s more, leaving the cover entirely could cause moisture to be trapped, and cause condensation which may also damage the internal components of the air conditioner.

To avoid such occurrence, just make it a point to take off the cover every once in a while, especially during daytime, and it’s not that snowy. During the summer, you may want to keep your covers for a while, as it won’t be any much of a need during this season. As a stand-in, you may instead put plywood on top of the unit during the day, and dress it by night time.  This will also allow the condenser and the compressor to “breathe”.

YES or NO?

The final verdict? Yes, it is still recommended to use a trusty cover to retain your air conditioning system’s cosmetics and overall working form, provided that owners have to take into consideration the status of the weather and the general condition of your location according to seasons. Moreover, they also need to know the right time and circumstance to strip off the unit from its cover.

Most aircon experts would probably dispute this, as they’ll say it is not really necessary to put a cover to your unit because the components are made from impervious materials. For us, we beg to disagree, because our bottomline is: It is in our best interest to protect and prolong the longevity of your air conditioning system. And these heavy-duty outdoor covers by Formosa guarantees total protection for your home and leisure investments to ensure convenience and carefree living.


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