Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time to Tune-Up Your Snowmobile!

Cold season is here! No wonder quite a number of people have been too busy caving into their own backyard parking and garages getting their winter beast all warmed up and ready for the ice build up… Err, snowmobile, that is.

But hold your tauntauns for a sec! Just before taking of the snowmobile cover and kickstarting the good ol’ winter warrior, you must see to it that everything is all prepped and checked. Remember, your snow vehicle just woke up from a long hibernation so relatively, your “sled” still in the state of “atrophy”. Doing otherwise will only cause you some unexpected engine troubles that eventually lead to an avalanche of expenses.

Is your snowmobile ready to hit the cold?

To save yourself the hassles and embarrassments while giving you a solid snow-riding experience, here are some tips on tuning up your snowmobile for the season!

Rely on your user’s manual

Before checking up on any part of your snowmobile, it is highly advisable to rely on your user’s manual for tune up instructions and steps. This will apply greatly to those rookie riders. This is to avoid unnecessary alterations and tweaking that may cause serious damage to your snowmobile overtime. It is also fine to call a serviceman to facilitate the tune-up in case you’re not yet familiar with the parts of the sled.

All lubed up

Ensure the oil level of the snowmobile if it’s still sitting on the right level. In addition, you may also want to inspect the viscosity and the color of the oil if it is still applicable for use. If the oil filter needs to be replaced, then please do so. Same goes with the oil pump, as these components maintains the integrity of the oil and distributes it to the engine’s most part for lubrication, respectively.

Tank and carb clean

And since you’ve stockpile your sled for nearly a year, it is also a-must to check and replace the gas inside the tank. Gas tends to accumulate varnish and other chemical residue that can and will block of your carburetor’s jets. Speaking of which, this also goes with maintaining your snowmobile’s carburetor. A clean tank and carburetor not only will give you a smooth ride, it will also promote the fuel efficiency of your ride.

Keep it cool

Just because it’s snowing, it doesn’t mean your snowmobile’s engine will be invulnerable to overheating. That’s why it is still advisable to add coolant to engine’s radiator. If it requires water as well, then don’t think twice about pouring some on it.

Chain, chain, chain!

Aside from checking the chain case’s oil level, you must ensure its calibration if it has the right tension, wear as well as the condition of the components that go with it. This also goes well with the track and belts.

Full charge

Battery, that is. As said earlier, your ride has been out for a long season of hibernation. This equates to idled battery, which can be discharged even when not in use. Especially when connected to the vehicle even when not in use. It is best to check the charge level of the battery.

Spark of connection

Spark plugs are essential for delivering electric current to produce electric current to ignite the fuel, which is responsible for producing power to your snowmobile. That’s why practically all mechanics always recommend to change spark plugs every once in a while. As for usage in snowmobiles, it is advisable to change every season of usage.

Brakes and lightings

Last but not the least, and probably the most important thing to inspect are the functions and condition of the brakes and lightings. Like other vehicles, these integral parts and elements should be well-maintained to ensure safety and to further prevent vehicle-related accidents.

Once you’ve checked all of these, you’re now ready to mount and hit the snow!
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