Thursday, August 21, 2014

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Patio

Just because you have the right furniture covers for your patio chairs, tables and other fittings, one cannot simply appoint an all-leather Barcalounger with steel details on a roofless courtyard alongside your barbecue equipment. Given that the particular sofa sets perfectly complements the countryside vibe of your patio, you must also consider its use and versatility when it comes to ever-changing outdoor conditions.


When it comes to deciding, the first thing to consider is the materials. Never pick a furniture set that is extremely vulnerable to weather conditions such as cushioned and leather finished, especially for patios without the aid of any shade.

The bottom line here is to get your money’s worth. Know the right furniture for your patio.

Your Butt will Tell You the Right Furniture

Regardless of aesthetics and overall design considerations, rule of thumb when buying furniture set – in this case, for your patio – is comforting, otherwise what’s the use of setting up tables and chairs there, right? Get to know the chair better by sitting on it, then let your “behind” do the decision-making. If you see (and feel) yourself being stuck there for 3 hours straight, reading a book while having coffee, and still feel good as opposed to feeling all cramped up; then that’s the perfect furniture for you.

Materials Matter

It’s fine to pick a way more expensive patio furniture set. But if you’re on a tight budget, going for a sturdy and low-maintenance set that can outlast extremities such as humidity, sudden rain and mist is definitely a best-buy. Metal and wood can give you the lasting firmness, but of a pricey deal because of its intricacies in design and timely maintenance.

On the other hand, wicker, especially the synthetic ones, can be used to uphold the homey, classy garden look of your patio while maintaining its durability overtime because of its weather-resistant characteristics. Also, reinforced plastic (polyurethane and polypropylene) is an advisable choice for outdoor furniture because of its durability, portability, all-weather formidability and cost-effective characteristics. Maintenance-wise, these materials are easier to maintain than metal and wood.

Color Coordination

This is important because, let’s face it. Nobody wants to see a dull, “offensive” furniture set fitted in a welcoming patio. Know your color palate and don’t just resort to playing safe by taking a neutral-toned furnishings. After all, you’re in a vibrant space and might as well spruce it up with color. But take note: DO NOT OVER-DO IT.

Weigh its Usability

The patio is one of the most versatile part of the house. Ergo, it requires a dependable set of outdoor furniture. House chill out activities ranging from barbecuing, family lunch, Saturday poker with friends to plain newspaper and coffee time every afternoon. Choose a furniture set that can do most of these jobs done, whether for just plain relaxation or for accommodating a party of 10.


Reciprocate by Taking Care of Your Set

Once you’ve purchased the right set of furnishings for your patio, perhaps it wouldn’t be much of a thing to give an extra effort in taking care of your chairs and tables by cleaning it every once in a while. You may consider storing it properly during winter season or put a dependable outdoor cover when not in use to say the least.


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