Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Store Your Golf Cart Cover When Not in Use

Taking care of your golf cart by means of cloaking it with your dependable golf cart cover is one thing. Safekeeping your cover when not in use is a different story. Keep in mind that this large protective piece of layering is part of your investment, and therefore should be treated with care as well. And stuffing it inside a duffel bag does not stop there.


So how should you properly house your golf cart cover when it is not in use? This blog post will show you some tips on how you should do it.

Fold It and Slip It In with Care

As said earlier, safekeeping your golf cart cover is not just about a simple fold-and-store, then forget about it. The materials used in making these covers are tough; however, still prone some vulnerabilities and serious damages – especially the windshield – when proper organization is not considered very seriously. Rule of thumb when it comes to this is that to fold the cover and slip it properly inside the storage box or bag.

Leave it Dry

Before thinking about bagging up your cover, always make it a point to remove excess water and moisture from it. One method is to wipe the water off with a clean dry cloth. Another is by hanging it outside and sun-dry it for 2 to 3 hours.

Place it in a Cool and Dry Place

Room temperature, if you may. Materials used in most covers are prone to deterioration if constant steam and moisture are involved. Best way to avoid this is by storing it somewhere with just the right room condition. Granted that your golf cover proves to be resilient by guaranteeing no damage even in extreme conditions, it is advisable to keep it in room temperature anyway, just to be sure.

Zip It In

If duffel bags or any other storage bag is available, you may also want to consider using large resealable air-tight bags. This preserves the integrity of your golf cart cover by deterring excess air, as well as water which is the primary cause of the moisture.

Silica Fantastica

Silica gels are very useful when it comes to storage. This desiccant in the form of granulated silicon dioxide absorbs moisture, as it also controls humidity to prevent degradation caused by the said determinants. Thus, putting silica gels inside your cover’s storage will most definitely provide protection from deterioration caused by excessive moisture and humidity.


Golf cart covers serve as your buggy’s armor. And it is safe to say that it is fair enough to give the same importance to it as you do with your vehicle. Following these tips will certainly extend the lifespan of your cart and above all, your golf cart cover.

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