Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Things That Can Make Your Patio Furniture Dirty

Patio furniture was supposed to be additional appointments to accentuate the already-astounding countryside backyard vibe of your patio, as opposed to a breeding ground for nasty grimes and other unknown foreign objects. Granted that your patio fittings are all weatherproof and can pass the test of time, it doesn’t make these chairs and tables prone to dirt and other speck.

Little did you know that most of these common patio pollutants not only can smear an unappealing aura to your outdoor trappings, but it can also degrade your furniture’s quality and pristine condition. Sounds awful? Then, it’s time to think about buying a resilient cover for your outdoor assets.


But before that, here are 5 of the most common things that can make your patio furniture dirty:

  1. Dust Particles

    – There is no denying that this is most common contributor of dirt to your patio furniture. Of course, this is a given, considering you are practically outside the house. These dusts usually come from the landscape residuals and erosion coming from the garden itself, as well as from the accumulated coal ash coming from the grill.
  2. Food Stains

    – Speaking of barbecue, another factor that can make your patio furniture look like a homeless’ hub is food stains, typically barbecue. Not only it can bring nasty stains to the upholstery, it can also produce residual stuff to the surface. Not to mention, it also brings that familiar funky smell that will make you not want to sit there anymore.
  3. Water Drop Stains

    – Pair this with number 1, and you’ll get grime. Water stains are tricky to clean, as it leaves a map-like stain on your furniture (especially foam) as well as mold and mildew. It also leaves a foul, musty smell mainly because of humid air and moisture.
  4. Nectar/Sap

    – These are sticky extracts produced by a plant, flower or a fruit to attract pollinators. These extracts are also notorious for heavily staining your outdoor furniture. Or worse, this gooey stuff could leave unwanted damages and blemishes to your fittings, as insects tend to feed on plant nectar.
  5. Animal Droppings

    – And since you are enjoying the nature through your backyard, it is no excuse for you and your furniture to get the occasional “lucky doo-doo” from different animals, most frequently birds. This stuff may leave unpleasant spots to your furniture that will eventually harden, making it more difficult to clean.

Buying and maintaining an outdoor furniture set is not easy. That is why you have to take extra effort in keeping its mint condition by constant cleaning, washing (if necessary), as well as getting a reliable and durable covers for topping your patio investment.


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