Friday, September 5, 2014

Autumn Is Here! Time for One Last Party!

Summer is over, folks! And aside from kids and moms prepping up for back to school fever, everyone is busy as well in preparation for harvest season. As days become shorter, nights become colder and leaves become browner, it seems that your patio will be covered in sheets and out of the picture for a while until the end of winter. While there’s still time, might as well throw a last summer hurray in your backyard before your patio furniture hits the sack!

Photo courtesy: Meghan Garvilla

And while you’re at it, why not infuse your patio party with some autumn aura to blend in with the season? Here are some quirky ideas for throwing a simple patio party:

A Leafy Invitation

Too much dry leaves to sweep, eh? As you’re starting to gather those flowy brownish tree hair in your porch, get your art materials, grab a handful and start making invitations for the party using these leaves. What better way than to associate autumn to your party than to use dried leaves as invites, right?

Set Up a Salad/Sandwich Bar

Since autumn is harvest season, expect the abundance of fruits and vegetables in every store. Hence, it is the perfect time to set up a salad or a sandwich bar for your party! Along with this, you can also serve fruit pies, veggie stews and pumpkin soup, as well as smoothies, fruit shakes and juices.

Ready for an Autumn Hunt?

Aside from the classic and pumpkin race, trivia games and scarecrow stuffing, you can make variations of these and turn it into one exciting mini all-day race-inspired scavenger hunt. Set up a series of obstacles & test for the hunt to add challenge to the game. A definite fun-filled game not only for the kids, but for adults as well.

Go for One Last Summer Splash

Let the kids – and even adults – enjoy the summer for one last time! If you don’t have your own pool in your house, then set up a kiddie inflatable pool in your backyard. Pair this with a sprinkler hose and a makeshift mud slide to cap off your summer season in wet-and-wild style!

Don’t Forget the Booze!

And speaking of capping off, there’s nothing like sitting on your favorite patio chair, sharing a six-pack and a smore setup with the whole gang, waiting for the summer to end! And, since you won’t be able to sit on your patio spot for quite some time, try to savor it while it lasts before you cover it for a while in the next upcoming seasons.


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