Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Your Pet As Comfy as Possible When Traveling

Most dogs, cats, and most domesticated animals are not “travelers” by nature. That’s why they tend to become uncomfortable and sickly, especially during long travels, which naturally results to being jittery and moody. And for sure, the last thing you want to do when traveling is to clean after your pet’s messy puke and whatnot.

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According to pet guru, Cesar Millan, “Planes and cars aren’t designed with dogs (and cats) in mind, and you need to know what to expect when you reach your final destination”. True to every word, although this post does not dispute the fact that dogs are fond of sticking their heads out of the window and put their tongues out. Perhaps, that’s their way to relieve themselves from travel stress. But that aside, here are some tips to make your pet comfortable enough for long travels.

Allot a Large Space for Them

If you are traveling by car, it is highly recommended that you should let your pet stay in the back seat. This way, dogs and cats can have the whole back space for them to sit and rest on. Although it is still very much ideal to put them in a crate/carrier, most cars, minivans and SUVs today have key features dedicated solely for your pet’s travel convenience, not to mention the spacious rear area. Set up the back seat with a pet-friendly seat cover to armor your car seat and upholstery from unwanted dirt and loose fur/hair. After which, you can pretty much leave the rest to them.

Bring Toys

The thought of seeing your dog/cat stuck in a crate for the next couple of hours is already a burden not only to you but also for your furry fellow. That is why it is always a best practice to bring your pet’s favorite toy/s to help them get through the rough ride. Toys are the perfect item to pacify your pets during long travel, so better keep them handy when packing your dog’s stuff.

Spruce Up the Space

To make your pet, even more comfortable during long trips, make sure to pimp up your dog/cat’s space. Start by placing a pet liner at the back of the car or right inside the crate if you’re taking a plane. You may also throw in his/her favorite blanket. Install a water dispenser to a spot wherein your pets can easily access in case they got thirsty and make sure to pack a “light” snack for them to nibble from time to time.

Make Sure to “Unload the Tank” Before Hopping In

Always make it a point to let your pets do their business first before going on a long trip (peeing and pooing, that is) so that they won’t feel tense while on the road/air. Just to be sure, especially for land travelers, you can always have a quick stop over every once in a while to unload. Also, to avoid “pet accidents”, make sure to feed your pooch and kitty at least 1-2 hours before hitting the road.

Make sure your pets are comfy enough by setting up their hub backseat with a soft pet cover

These are just some of the best practices in making your furball companions as cozy as possible.


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