Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Common Misconceptions About Using Smartphone Protective Accessories

Just when we thought everything is alright with our precious iPhone and Galaxy Phones, we tend to get even more careless at most times, especially when taking care of our devices.

Fortunately, the gratuity and abundance of cellphone covers and accessories as well as the manufacturer’s initiative to equip their product with scratch resistant materials and reinforced shell layers became a makeshift messiah of the digital age. But as resilient as these covers and protectors are to protect our communication devices, it still isn’t enough to leave the entirety of the phone’s condition solely to its durability features.

To specify, here are some of the most common bits and mistakes we often overlook in taking care of our smartphones.

1. Casings will cover all the bases

Two of the most prone to dirt are the phone’s charging port and the 3.5mm jack plug for the earphones. As common as it gets, these two outlets serve as vacuum gateways for dirt and lint that can usually be accumulated from your pants’ pocket. These dirt elements are basically the number one cause of charging malfunctions, connectivity problems and port damages.

The Right Thing To Do – You need a piece of paperclip, toothpick or a matchstick and clean cotton to scrape off dust that has been collected by the port. Never damp the cotton with any liquid solution, as it will only cause further damage to the phone. Once you have taken off the dust, cut a small piece of adhesive tape and attach it on the other end of the clip, with the sticky part being on the outside of the pin. Lightly roll the adhesive-top pin to take off any stubborn lint and cotton residue that you might have missed out. Although it is not much of a recommendation, it is still good to use one of those protective caps for the plug and port to cover them when not in use.

2. My phone is scratch-free, Thanks to my screen protector!

Indeed, screen protectors are your phone’s screen savers… Literally! But mind you, this does not entirely mean your mobile will become invincible to scratches or worse, cracks. Despite gearing your smartphone with the best scratch-resistant film over its gorilla glass display, putting it in your pocket along with your keys, coins and wallet with metal zippers may still likely to damage your device. Likewise with the shell that encases the phone.

The Right Thing To Do – Investing on a reliable screen protector is one thing. But just to be safe, make sure to allot a separate compartment for your mobile to avoid direct contact with your other stuff. In addition, armor it with a sturdy clutch-like casing to double your phone’s protection, especially the back side’s surface. Lastly, make it a point to clean the inner-surface of the casing from time to time.

3. The case will save my phone from drops

Imagine how worse could it get the moment you drop your phone straight into concrete oblivion. Albeit phone covers are equipped with cushions to absorb shocks after an accidental drop, it is still possible to acquire internal damage to your gadget, especially if gravity tends to magnetize the device from your hands on a regular basis.

The Right Thing To Do – The basic thing to do here is to hold your phone properly. Having a glossy-textured phone shell or a super-thin body is not reason enough to blame the manufacturer for constantly dropping your device. Remember, casings and screen protectors are there to add extra armor to your smartphone, not to entirely save it from the doom of your clumsiness and carelessness.

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