Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is There A Need To Clean Your ATV?

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is designed specifically to withstand various field conditions and road abuse. But just because this vehicle is intended for hitting the dirt, it does not mean you should leave it as is after a whole day of rugged ride. “Leave it to the rain gods” attitude will only make your quad bike look unpleasant to drive on, not to mention could cause serious damages.

ATV covers protect your recreational quad bike after a good cleaning

Why is it so important to clean your ATV on a regular basis? Because wrapping it casually with your quad cover won’t simply cut it! And because, like any other vehicles, dirt, grimes, scum and other impurities can cause unwanted blemishes, engine issues and rust problems to your precious road warrior.

So, to answer the question: Yes, there’s always the need to clean your ATV because it should be a part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance. So get up and gear up and time to give a well-deserved wash to your quad-bike and/or three-wheelers.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong If You Don’t Clean Your ATV?

A lot of things can go wrong once you developed a high disregard for vehicle maintenance (washing and cleaning for that matter). Just try to picture this: The build-up of dried mud and soil can cause rusting and erosion to your ATV’s components, engine, body kit, and other important parts. Also, the accumulation and spread of invasive plants like forest vines will greatly affect the performance of the buggy if not taken out immediately, as these plants may crawl and latch on to the chassis, fuel line, wires and axle. Not a good visual, don’t you agree?

A Good Ol’ Car Wash

To start, bathe your ATV from all sides preferably with warm water. This is to wash off loose mud, grass and weed that are stuck onto your quad. A power washer is also recommended for use in taking off stubborn mud residue onto the surface and hard to reach areas of the vehicle. Next step is to use mild shampoo or car soaps. Never use ordinary detergents or dishwashing liquid, as it may cause paint degradation. After which, rinse the ATV then dry it using a clean cloth or chamois leather. You may also use car wax and polishers, as well as a tire coating for dust protection and improved shininess.

Check The Hardware

Cleaning your ATV doesn’t stop at drying and polishing its surface. Needless to say, your engine needs a little cleaning as well. You can do this by checking your engine. A clean air filter is vital in maintaining your engine’s mint condition, as it serves as the engine’s screen to deter dirt, sand and other foreign particles that might get sucked in by your ride so make sure to keep it clean, or replace it if necessary. As for the under-chassis, it is important to inspect it regularly in case you’ve missed some hardened sludge during the wash. Moreover, make sure to maintain the water level of the radiator to prevent overheating. It is also important to cleanse the water reservoir by washing the dirt off using running water from the hose.

Lastly, once you’ll bath your ATV in and out, cloak it with your trusty vehicle sheet to maintain your ride’s sleek, clean condition even when not in use. Also, this will shield your wheels from potential dirt and damage accumulation overtime in case you won’t be using the ATV anytime soon.


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