Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get Your Outdoor Furniture Summer Ready

Turn a formerly drab outdoor space into a fabulous one. Entertaining your family and other visitors will be a breeze from then on.

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But everything should not end at that glorious moment. Though your patio furniture covers keep your outdoor pieces safe from dust and the harmful effects of the weather, you can never be too careful. That is why we compiled another set of helpful tips to guide you in cleaning outdoor furniture. Keeping them in good shape doesn’t only ensure the health of your love ones but also protects your investment by prolonging furniture lifespan.

Before going into the details, always remember that periodical cleaning will always be better than out of the cleaning when you just feel like it. A once or twice a month through a cleaning session of your outdoor furniture can do wonders in maintaining them. Though store-bought disinfectants can really help, do not forget about natural ones that are as effective but does not cost you a dime. Let your furniture catch the sun once in a while. Doing so has proven to be an effective way stopping moss and mildew growth. Natural air-drying them is also a good practice.

Make sure to perform material-appropriate cleaning methods so as not to damage your furniture. To give you a head start, we’ve compiled a number of maintenance tips for the 3 most common types of outdoor furniture. Read on to know more about them.

This material is one of the easiest to maintain whether they are used inside or outside of the home. Aside from being easy to clean, plastic furniture pieces are also light weight and easy to transfer. This means that you will be able comfortably cleaning your furniture without much hassles.

To clean furniture pieces of this type, having a soap and water solution may be enough. But depending on your preference, you may add a store-bought cleanser for a more thorough clean. Scrub your furniture well and rinse afterwards.

TIP: If using store-bought cleansers, test your solution before cleaning the entire furniture to make sure that the material does not have undesirable reactions.

This type of furniture has a pretty classic and classy feel to them. However, wooden furniture pieces can be very sensitive to the changes of weather. A cold and damp environment may leave pieces with undesired growths. When this happens, a thorough cleaning with the use of oxygenated bleach solutions is a must. Scrubbing and rinsing well can bring your furniture back its original glory.

Outdoor furniture made from this material is also easy to clean. A soapy water solution and some elbow grease often do the trick. Soaps that are specifically formulated to clean cars also work best for cleaning grime away from this material. Rust and stains are common problems as well. Using a sand paper to clean the specific problem area is commonly done.

TIP: Rust-prohibiting paints are recommended to be used after sanding to help protect your furniture from getting all rusty again.

Purchasing the right furniture for your outdoor sanctuary is half the job. Keeping them clean and safe for use is another. Formosa Covers, offer quality products to help you protect various investments – from golf carts to outdoor furniture, we got them covered.

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