Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Versatile Golf Cart

If you think that golf carts are used only on the golf course, you may want to think again. Golf carts, as they always should be, must be protected with golf cart covers at all times, especially when not in use. It helps prolong the life of these not-so-cheap vehicles. Over the years, consumers have thought of and developed uses of golf carts in more ways than one.

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For example, golf carts are now being used in the farm. Pretty innovative, don’t you say? Golf carts are driven in the farm to carry hay which is used to feed the horses. In lakes and campgrounds, golf carts can now pull airplanes out of hangars. You may also see golf carts in the airport since they are now used to transport passengers back and forth at a jet charter service.

If you’ve seen the film America’s Sweethearts starring Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, and John Cusack, then you might have noticed a golf cart making its cameo in the hotel where the characters stayed at. Golf carts are increasingly being used in hotels for security purposes. Hotel security uses these vehicles to patrol the grounds and effectively catch intruders and violators. Now, they don’t have to run, lose their breath, and let violators escape because they now have reliable golf carts that run efficiently to enable them to do their jobs well.

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Because golf carts are relatively small compared to full-size automobiles, they can easily maneuver through small spots. They are also environment-friendly, making them a practical choice for small trips. Retirement homes have used golf carts for years because it allows residents to enjoy the outdoors without endangering their health. They can quickly grab a dose of fresh air without having to walk with their canes that could potentially stress them out. The same goes for campuses. The disabled can also be easily transported from one building to another.

Certainly, there are other ways that golf carts are being used nowadays. The most important thing you could do for you golf cart, if you do own one, is to care for it. Protect it with a golf cart cover to make sure that the harsh environment won’t ruin your vehicle.

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