Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Behave While Playing Golf

So you’ve recently become an avid player of golf. You may have purchased your own golf cart complete with its own golf cart cover to protect your precious investment. But do you know how to act appropriately once you are driving around the golf course with your golf cart? Just like any other sport, there are certain rules and conduct to follow once you start playing with other people. Here are some rules that could help you gain more friends in the sport.

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Things that you should never do when driving a golf cart include driving within the hazard boundary lines or within about 10 yards of water hazards or bunkers. Additionally, you should not be driving your golf cart within 50 yards of greens because these areas can easily damage the wheels of your vehicle.

There’s no sense protecting it with golf cart covers if you can’t even drive it in the golf course because of damaged parts. Aside from these restricted areas, golf carts should not be driven in muddy areas and casual waters. On the contrary, your golf cart may be the one to cause damage to the turf in wet areas.

Now, certain golf courses have specific areas where you are not allowed to go, aside from the previously mentioned spots. There are places where the “cart-path-only” rule is in effect and even without this, golfers should still practice it. These are designated areas where golf carts can drive onto and golfers should not stray away from these paths. Driving a golf cart in the soil can speed up compaction, which will result in less-than-ideal growing conditions for turfgrasses. In turn, golfers will be the one to suffer if fairways end up being less than ideal.

So once you have invested in your own golf cart, protect it by purchasing a golf cart cover and by driving in areas designated for it. Not only will it protect your vehicle, but it will safeguard the golf course as well.

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