Thursday, May 15, 2014

Safety in Driving a Golf Cart

While it is very tempting to joyride on a golf cart, you should be wise enough to stay away from doing so because it is the number one cause of accidents involving golf carts. Some stupid things that riders do include standing inside the cart, hanging legs or arms outside the cart, not paying enough attention to the road ahead, taking sharp turns at fast speeds, and of course, being intoxicated while driving.

Image source: Adult Care Assistance

Suffice it to say, all road safety practices should also be practiced in the golf course. The golf course is not that different from major roads when it comes to vehicle accidents. You do your best to protect your golf cart by using a golf cart cover but you still end up wrecking the vehicle because of the accident.

The first thing to do once you’ve purchased or rented a golf cart is to read the instruction and safety manuals. They are there for a reason so read them and practice the rules stated in it.

Golf carts come in many designs but one thing that they have in common is that they are always open. They have no windows or doors. Golf cart covers provide the windows and if you don’t have golf cart covers, you should be extra careful. Avoid swinging your arms or hanging your legs outside the cart. This may result to a broken ankle, a sprained food, or worse accidents that can be brought on by tree branches.

Just like golf carts don’t come with windows or doors, they are also not equipped with seat belts. Avoid driving at too high speeds and turning at corners without hitting the brakes first. Someone can easily end up being thrown off the cart and get killed by that. Additionally, don’t hit on the gas if your partner isn’t seated yet.

You think it’s easy driving a golf cart. It may be true but it doesn’t mean that distractions and accidents are totally absent from the equation. Practice common sense and you shouldn’t have problems driving a golf cart on the course.


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